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Apprenticeships – Why Offer Them Through Your Business?

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are proven to develop motivated, skilled, and qualified workers. Apprenticeships are viewed as a benefit by businesses that offer them.
These are the benefits of apprenticeships:
Your bottom line will improve

Apprentices can bring real benefits to your bottom line. A majority of employers surveyed said that Apprentices help them improve their productivity and be more competitive. Training Apprentices is cheaper than hiring skilled workers, which leads to lower overall training costs and higher recruitment costs.
Fill your Skill Gaps

Apprenticeships are tailored to your company’s needs. Apprenticeships UK also allow you to develop the skills necessary for your industry.

Populus Survey respondents said that they rely on Apprenticeship programs to supply skilled workers for the future.
Motivate your workforce

Apprentices are often motivated, flexible, and eager to please the company who invested in them. An Apprentice is there because they want it to be. They have made an informed decision to learn on the job, and they have committed to a particular career.
Long-term benefits

Employers recognize the long-term benefits of Apprenticeship training. These benefits include:

Businesses need a supply of people who have the skills and qualifications they require
Businesses need skilled employees to grow.
Apprenticeship frameworks are more job-related than other types of learning.
Apprentices were more likely to stay in the business and make advancements.
The apprenticeship could be supported by the employer with their CPD and career advancement, which will in turn benefit the business.
Senior staff can consolidate their knowledge by teaching apprentices

The British Chambers of Commerce states that most businesses employ an apprentice to increase their skills. They also stated that:

82% of employers hire apprentices to increase their skills.
75% of apprentice employers believe the program has reduced their recruitment costs. Apprenticeships will play an important role in their future recruitment strategy, according to 80%.
Apprentice employers are 88% positive that they encourage a happier workforce and increase loyalty.
81% of consumers prefer companies that employ apprentices.
Employers believe that apprenticeships decrease staff turnover by 80%.
Apprentice employers report that 81% say that they increase their business productivity. Average apprenticeship completion increases business productivity by £214 per workweek.