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Explainer Videos – The Benefits They Bring

Customers who can watch an explainer film are more likely make a purchase than those that don’t. Why? Because animated explainer clips allow us to make informed decision without having to go through all the features. This is why 87% online marketers use video content when promoting a campaign.
Let’s look at some things to keep in mind when making animated videos.
Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience’s purchasing habits and behavior is essential before you start. The consumer behavior of a business or company is critical to understand how they behave and what motivates them to click the ‘Buy Now!’ button. Know the basics before you think about partnering up with an explainer video company.

It is essential to understand the characteristics and personality of your target audience. This helps you create the right mood for animated videos. This could be a mix of playful jokes and colorful images, or it could be a serious script with professional voice-over. It all depends upon your audience’s tastes and values.

Understanding their problems will help you to create a solution for them and your potential customers. Consider the keywords that they are most troubled by and create your video around them. If you can solve the problems of your customers, your explainer videos will get more views.

Keep it simple

Do you notice that the most popular animated explainer clips aren’t always complicated? Simple tasks are the best. You can’t expect your loyal customers to share a boring video that is filled with too many ads and irrelevant references.

The solution is the focus of your video. When finished watching the video, your viewer should have a simple sentence to describe the main idea of your video. This phrase should be your starting point.
Optimize Video time

If a picture can speak 1000 words, an animated video that is one minute long could have a value of 1.8 million words. Your explainer videos should not exceed 1 minute. If this seems too short, consider viewing longer videos up to five minutes. You will likely abandon the video if you are not watching a compelling video. This is because promotional custom animated videos work best when used as a teaser.

Your explainer video should educate your audience. Viewers can tell the difference between good and poor productions. Video lengths that are too long often miss the point. Your users may prefer to view shorter videos.

The purpose of explaining videos is to encourage future actions. If they want more, they will likely subscribe to your website, blog, and channels.
Write a powerful script

Again, if you have an excellent in-house team who can work on an explainer script that appeals to your audience, do it. You can always rely on professional video production companies if your team is not strong enough. It is important to keep in mind many things when writing a script. The average explainer video is between 30 to 90 seconds in length. Therefore, you will need to have a script that’s approximately 200 words.

A 1- to 2-minute video does not need to contain a lot of content. Marketing and animation experts recommend 150 words/minute to get your project started. These sections are what you should divide your script into:

How it works
Take action

This guideline is only a guideline. You can either use these guidelines as a guide or create your own ideas.

Today’s consumers may be forgetful but they don’t have to be forgiving. Bad scripts and funny taglines can do more damage to your business than you think. Storytelling continues to be the best method to create animated explainer videos.

Stories are captivating and communicate the human side your company. They help to strengthen your connection with your customers.

Once you have completed these steps it’s time for you to look for the best video production firm to produce your animated explainer.
How to Find the Best Video Production Firm

Most businesses don’t have an in-house marketing department. Even if they do have a separate marketing department, they still need to find an explainer company that has the experience and reputation of creating animated explainer videos.

If you are looking to outsource video production, don’t settle for a company that isn’t able to produce a video that has the right impact.

You may need to consider several options before choosing the best one for you. There are many production companies that will work with your project from its inception to its completion. However, some might only do the animation.

Your resources in-house will give you a rough idea of how you would like to go about the project. A talented marketing team can help you create the content, script and message for your explainer. However, professional video production firms can help you create stunning explainer videos if your team isn’t quite sure where to start.

It is also possible to work on collaborative projects. However, it can lead to too many cooks ruining the broth.

It is important to research the company thoroughly before making any decisions. Your production company must be capable of creating original videos tailored to your specific business needs. For every business idea to succeed, it takes a different approach and a unique story.
Video explaining the benefits of using an explainer

Here are some of our top tips for achieving the best animated explainer videos.
Amazing Conversion Rates

Explanatory videos make it easier for people to contact you and buy your products. Explanatory videos are essential for all of your marketing campaigns. Potential customers are also attracted to your video by how many people have shared it. This encourages engagement.

Promotion for Product

Long and complicated descriptions can give valuable information to your customers but convincing them to do something can be challenging. Animated product videos eliminate the guesswork by highlighting the most important features of your product and service without forcing viewers to buy.
Trigger Interest

Companies are using social signals more to promote their services and products. Businesses use video and images to create interest in their services and spread the word. 64% are more likely to purchase after seeing a video on the product.

Customers will likely remember an explainer film that features a fictional customer who has to deal with a problem and then buys the solution.
Increase Your Ranking

We all know that outdated content can damage your company‚Äôs reputation. It’s gone a long time since websites had endless sections with tons of content. Websites today are more appealing to established brands because they present data through images, graphs, and videos. The higher your website’s information and usability, the better it will rank.
More Traffic

A viral video is something that every small and medium business wants to produce. It’s true that viral videos can make your business or break it. While there is no formula for creating viral explainer videos, creative videos are more likely to be popular among your target audience. This leads to more traffic to both your website, and social media platforms.

Capture Your Audience

The human brain retains less from what we hear than it does what we see. The best way to get your users’ attention is by highlighting the best aspects of your products with animated explainer video.

Because word of mouth is still one of best ways to attract more customers than any other method, you will receive significant traffic if your followers share the videos.

There are no need for pamphlets, power-point tutorials or brochures to show the features of your products. A solid script and professionally produced video are all that’s required to engage your audience right away. A professionally produced animated explainer can make a huge difference in promoting a new service or launching a complex product.
Increase the number of your followers

Vimeo and YouTube make it possible to create explainer videos that aren’t restricted to your website. These video streaming giants allow you to create your company channel and upload videos. You can share your videos instantly because these sites are compatible with smartphones.
Create your Personality

The best thing about creating an explainer clip is the ability to create your own niche identity. Professional explainer videos give credibility to your brand and help solidify your reputation on the internet.

A consumer will be able to identify you easily and likely to start an inquiry to learn more about a product. Your explainer videos can help you make meaningful connections with thousands.

Explainer videos not only increase traffic but also boost sales. Instead of focusing only on product description and reviews, viewers can view your explainer video to help them make their decision. Businesses around the world use animated explainer videos to share information and promote products.