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Light Up Your Exhibition Stand Space

Want to stand out from the crowd and quite literally shine a light on your brand? Well, it’s a possibility with various light sources which can be added to your exhibition design.

Exhibiting is fun, expressive and with the intention of growing the brand & gaining interest. By choosing the right stand, being creative and standing out of a competitive crowd, visitors will be flocking to your space.

LED lighting is modern, attractive and when used effectively can become a stand design USP.

Standard Over Head Lighting

Adding LED lights to a Pop Up display stand or modular display stand isn’t a new concept, but is very often forgotten.

Lighting within an exhibition hall can be light and bright, but that doesn’t mean the surround stands won’t dull the light slightly, therefore creating a darker stand space. Adding a few overhead lights, which neatly clip to the top of the display will distribute light and focus on the key information on your printed panels.

LED Light Box

Rather than lighting up sections of the panels, light up the entire display and exhibition space itself with LED Light boxes.

The LED light boxes use small LED lights within a metal frame, that light the printed fabric panels from within and highlight every inch of the exhibition stand space. One thing the LED lights can guarantee is that your stand space will never be dull!

The modular panels magnetize together, utilizing the modular design to recreate numerous configurations for long term use.

Light Up Flooring

If LED light boxes aren’t enough, take the ultimate plunge to the light up flooring. Dancefloor meets tradeshow with a fun, unique and ultra modern feature.

With such an expressive flooring choice, a standard backdrop would work perfectly. The LED option can run around the edge of the flooring cubes or runs underneath the entire cube section for the ultimate glow experience.

Incorporated into Furniture

Accessories such as shelving, exhibition counters and plinths are used as tools to display samples, leaflets or products.

Especially on shelves incorporating a downward LED light is a fantastic way to draw the eye toward the star product. Position your product, include a light and make it apparent what your brand does and what you have one offer.

Lighting starts at a relatively cost effective price range, so even if you’re marketing budget is smaller, there is a way to add brightness as this years events.