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Reasons to Bring People Back to the Office

Most of us have enjoyed a long stint of working from home, and it’s been nice to have a change. But like all things, the novelty can wear off.

Being in the any environment for long periods of time can be boring, but the office can bring routine, happiness and best of all, bring people back together!

The office is a place of work, but at the same time a lot of good can come from being around people and having a space to thrive.

Happier Working

Being in a group, around people, bouncing ideas of each other is just a few reasons to be happy. Being on your own continuously for some, can be lonely. But in the office, you don’t have time to be lonely, as you have noise, regular conversation and the comfort of being around people.

When returning to the office, most people have found being around others has made them happier!  

Easy to Collaborate

Tying in with having people around you, being in the office makes it easier to collab on projects or to have a conversations/meetings.

Being in the same office space takes away the hardship of pinning someone down for a phone call, and simply being able to track them down to make quick work of your duties.


I’m sure we’re not speaking for ourselves when we say that working from home played havoc with our routines. From the time we got out of bed, the way we got ready and what time we logged on.

The change of environment was good for somethings, but not for routine.

Heading to the office puts the routine back in place to make sure you leave the house on time and forcing you to be ready for a certain time.


Being back in the office, around the colleagues and friends you would have normally seen daily is the best thing for your social life.

Yes, lockdowns had a big impact on being able to see others, but now this isn’t the case, the workplace can encourage out of work hour socializing.

Go to the pub or for a meal on a Friday to catch up and build strong friendships.

Desk Space

Working from home was suitable for those who had a desk, or better yet, an office. This wasn’t the case for everybody, whether it came down to space or just not having the option to have a desk.

Working in the office provides you with everything that you need. The computer/laptop, your own office accessories, desktop screens and even a hole punch. Having all the tools available to your will make the workday easier and ensure you’re able to fulfil all your daily tasks.

Also, the work desk can be personalized with some home touches like pictures, plants and quirky personal additions.