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What Are Explainer Videos?

In the last few decades, there have been many marketing tools that have grown in popularity. Some are very useful while others are merely popular.
Very few people get the whole package. In this group, you’ll find explainer video. These videos are extremely popular and very effective. But what is an animated explainer clip?

Explainer videos, which are animated videos that explain a business idea within less than 90 seconds, are short and concise. They are both simple and engaging. These videos grab attention quickly with clear messaging and attractive visuals.

Explainer video companies will help communicate the benefits of your company’s products and services to your customers.

It does all this in just seconds.

How to recognize an explainer video

We now have a basic understanding of explainer videos, but what are its main characteristics?

First, let’s take a look at this video.

This animated video serves as an excellent example of what it takes to make a sales video. As you can see, it is short and simple. It can also be customized to suit the audience’s requirements.

Explainer videos are brief: A good explainer video should convey a business concept in a few seconds, specifically in 90 seconds.
They are easy to understand: They communicate a message clearly and simply
They use animated character: Explainer videos are filled with humor and personality thanks to the use animations.
Understand the audience’s needs. With explainer videos, it is important to pay attention to the audience and their problems. This will allow them to feel that your company is directing their message to them and to feel connected with you.
They build brand recognition.

These are the key characteristics that make an explainer video stand apart from all others.
They are a good idea, but why do they have such a high popularity?

It is easy to see why explainer videos are so successful.

Their popularity does not stop there. Nearly everyone has seen an explainer video about a product or service.

They work because they are popular. Animated explainer videos increase online visibility, brand awareness, and improve conversions. Let’s start by looking at those:

They will improve your online visibility

An animated video embedded on your site will encourage your audience to spend more time there. Videos are so entertaining to watch, that audiences will play each one!

It’s a great opportunity to make the most of it. Search engines like Google monitor the time that your audience spends visiting your website. They will rank your website higher in searches if you spend more time.

Videos explaining brand awareness

Animations are great marketing videos that can be tailored to your brand’s communication needs. The video uses your brand colors to help build brand awareness.

They can increase sales conversions.

In general, explainer videos increase conversions by 20%, especially if your video is embedded above the fold of your homepage.

However, there are also…

Your viewers will be inspired to take action

It is simple to convince your viewers to do what you want. The sales videos are so engaging that you can simply add a call to actions to your video to help them sign up for your newsletter, complete a form or download a specific product.

Increase sharing

People love sharing fun and interesting information to each other. Videos are the most shared content on the Internet!

Make the most of verbal and visual learning

Combine visual and verbal knowledge to create an effective combination that boosts your content’s communication power. Video is so valuable because it allows you to communicate clearly and effectively. Explainer videos do this by combining visual and verbal learning with engaging visuals and a clear message. These videos have a strong impact on the brain.

Adapt to mobile logic

There has been an increase in mobile video views over the past few years. This is likely to continue and grow. Your audience is always connected to the internet via their smartphones, so they are eager to access information at all times. Videos adapt better to mobile screens than texts, making them the preferred medium for most people.