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Why use a professional Bradford design agency?

A modern business needs a functional and up-to date website. It can be used as a point for contact, a marketing tool or a shop-front. Your website can come in many forms, which will increase your visibility, brand awareness, and sales.
How much does it cost to hire a professional mechanic, plumber, photographer, electrician, or other skilled trades? Although most people would be happy to pay these rates, many are surprised by the high cost of professional websites. It takes many hours to create even the most basic website. We also have to test it and communicate with our customers. A modern brand that is unique and personal requires experience. Fortunately, we have plenty of it. You can rest assured that your investment is well-spent. We have a lot of brand-building experience and also offer technical knowledge and creative flair.
Professionals know what they’re doing

This is true for any profession. It’s possible to Google a task or view a few YouTube videos and feel like we know the answer. I can Google plumbing and know the difference between my u-bends and my bowl. I’ll just fix that toilet. I have it fixed. I had to spend 10 hours on it, and made several trips down Homebase. I didn’t have the right tools and made lots of mistakes which I had to hide. At the end, I thought, “Was this really worth it?”

Professionals are familiar with what they do every day, and have many years of experience. The professionals are more equipped than you to complete the task at hand and can do the job faster than you could.

The same applies to any type of design. Professional designers will use the industry-standard software to produce your artwork, and then provide the necessary files.

The vector format means the logo designer will create your artwork so it can be scaled up or down to any size. It is possible to create your logo in free apps or photo editing software. But, your logo will be in a vector format. This means that your logo will be pixelated and blurred around the edges.

A graphic designer will create your artwork and send it off to a professional printer. Graphic designers know how to create the best layouts, how fonts interact, and what the differences are between black and dark black.

Professional web designers will create wireframes and mockups for you before moving on to building the website to meet industry standards. Web designers who are professionals understand the needs of users and can design websites to suit them. They will also keep key elements consistent, such as navigation, in mind. While the colors and graphic elements should reflect your brand, they must also be legible. To ensure that your website is as fast as possible, all content and resource will be optimized. Expert web designers will provide advice on the structure and content of your site, so it is easy to understand and navigate. The site will be easily readable by search engines so it can rank high in search engine results.

A professional designer can help you with all aspects of your project, regardless of the medium.
Can’t I just use the template, isn’t that professional design?

Yes, you can choose from pre-designed templates. Some of them look amazing. These are templates that can be used for almost any company. However, they weren’t designed with your company mind in mind. Joe Bloggs may use the same template down the line.

Your content will not look as professional as the demo. The picture you see is blurry. It is possible that your content does not look as great because it was not designed professionally. A professional had created the demo site where you first noticed this beautiful design. A skilled web designer is able to design everything in a way that looks professional and is easy to understand. They can determine the right image sizes to insert, and how to deal with fonts. Although you can use a template, it won’t look as professional and polished as one that has been professionally designed.
A different perspective

Designing for yourself can be tricky. It is easy to get too involved with the project. I have found that my projects are the most difficult to work on as a designer. It’s much easier to design according to another person’s brief. Designers are not employees of your company and can therefore look at your project objectively. They will offer different opinions, point out potential connotations and help you understand your customers’ needs. You will also get different ideas from a designer. Two heads are better that one. If you have a conversation with your designer about your ideas, you can come up with something that will work for you and look great.
Something truly unique

You can get a custom-made website by hiring a professional designer. It’s likely that your site will look similar to many other sites if it uses a template. Online design sites will have a designer who doesn’t know much about your business and can create a template that looks very similar to others.

You, the professional, should be aware of the following points. Professional website design is cost-effective and is not risky for your business.
Why use us?

We are skilled at what we do. We have thousands of hours combined experience writing code, designing logos, and helping our customers succeed.

We are proud of what our work produces. We blog often about past projects to share our knowledge and current work with a larger audience. Look at our portfolio pages and blog to see a variety of designs that cover small and large projects.

Everything starts from scratch. Websites should be easy to navigate and attractive. Websites will be well coded and maintained internally. All websites will be hosted using reliable cloud-based servers, which are extremely fast, so they load quickly. Our sites are all hand-coded and don’t use templates.

We test our work. Test our websites in many ways, on different browsers and different devices. We use over 170 different items to test our site before it goes live.

We will be there for you every step of your journey. We aren’t a one-man show. Our staff works Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5:30pm. We try to respond to emails outside of normal business hours when possible. This is what we do as a full-time occupation and not as part of a night job. Our websites are protected for as long they are hosted with our company, and for three years even if they are hosted elsewhere.

It can be overwhelming to find a web design agency or web designer. We encourage you ask as many questions and do our best to assist you. We are available to help you with any web design Bradford projects.