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Choosing A Trailer

From transporting cargo to transporting equipment, there are many advantages to having an equipment trailer. The secret to safely and efficiently towing is to know what type of trailer is best suited to your requirements. If you are a plant operator then the best choice is to buy plant trailers. But, you might be wondering what the advantages are of plant trailers compared to other types? We hope this helps you to find out.

First of all what exactly does a plant trailer actually do?

Plant trailers are made to transport construction equipment and equipment. These include mini diggers dumpers, skidsters and rollers. They usually have sturdy and long-lasting designs, with integrated the mudguards (acting as steps to access the load) and drawbars that are longer. Most plant trailers come with an entrance ramp to the rear, which allows for easy loading of your equipment. This adds security to ensure that it stays in position. They are typically the most popular trailers for groundworkers and utility contractors and plant hire firms as well as landscapers, builders and construction companies.
What are the advantages of plant trailers in comparison to other models?

They are able to withstand loads of a high weight:

A trailer isn’t an ‘all-purpose solution. Trailers are designed to meet different dimensions and weight limits that are made of various styles and materials. Plant trailers are an ideal solution for the transport of machinery for plants. Because of their capacity to take on heavy loads the plant trailer is able to transport equipment from site to site. Plant trailers can also be equipped with additional cross members that can support the higher points of load from machinery like rollers.

They are equipped with many security features.

Security and safety for your equipment as well as those who travel along with you is of paramount importance. It is the reason why using a specially-designed plant trailer can be the ideal solution, especially in situations where you must move heavy plant machinery from location to place. Our plant trailers feature strong construction and are made of high-quality, durable materials like heavy duty axles fitted with SFL bearings 5 stud wheels, galvanised chassis, and constructed with mudguards.

They can pull a huge weight:

The amount you are able to tow will depend on the license you have. It also depends on the trailer and vehicle that you’re towing. If you’re a Category B driver in your licence, you’re allowed to tow a trailer up to 750kg MAM (or the maximum allowed mass). This also permits you to haul a trailer when the trailer and vehicle don’t weigh more than 3500kg.

The importance of specialisation

Plant machinery is notoriously difficult to move. The equipment is not only heavy, it’s in addition large, with tendencies to being bigger in length than widthwise. This means they are dangerous to transport if they are not handled correctly. Plant trailers are made to perform the task effortlessly.

Load Security

It is crucial to protect your cargo when traveling. Be sure to have enough tie-down points in the trailer. Even better, you can use a strapless device to secure your mini digger. Making sure that your buckets are secure when traveling isn’t easy however a bucket locker can make it easier.

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