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Considerations of Electric Shock Dog Collars

Animal admirers have different opinions about the use of an electronic collar to train and conduct alteration of dogs.

Many people are quick to make the assumption that since these collars deliver the sensation of a “shock” it’s cruel and that opinion is typically formed from a lack of knowledge about these types of collars used for training.

Actually,”Tapping” or the “Tapping” method, even at moderate levels of static correction is more humane and safer than using an e-collar or choke which require excessive force and, if not properly used, can cause damage to the larynx of a dog. There are many advantages of teaching your dog to use an electronic collar which we’ll examine in this article.

Benefits of using an electronic collar

An immediate response to any unacceptable canine behavior is a key to training and enforcing. A delay, however slight, can often result in the animal not being aware of what is expected of them, producing frustration for both the dog and their owner. The owner can have a very rapid reaction to their dog’s behaviour, from a distance, through the aid the electronic collar, regardless of whether it’s for reinforcement that is positive or negative.

Think of the many occasions you’ve been forced to make a panicked sprint to reach your dog to stop or stop a kind of behavior. Most of the time, when you arrive , the crime is over, or your dog has gotten the impression that you’re playing. Two very typical situations will not help to train your dog.

Even the most skilled animal may become distracted. These devices were developed to get the attention back and focus of the dog.

Working, herding, and hunting dogs are bred to be intelligent and focused however, this means that an owner is often helpless when their dog wanders off after their quarry while so focused on their job that they forget to obey any commands. With a quick reminder via the e-collar, their owner can quickly recall the overly enthusiastic dog.

Another great advantage is the fact that physical stimuli from these collars often triggers a more rapid response than any noise maker including vocalization, clicker, clapping or whistling. A dog who is focused is recognized to block out audio signals while they study an object which has caught their attention. Like humans, dogs, as well as their counterparts, can also be found to lose hearing using a vibration collar is the most suitable solution to this situation.

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The best ecollars are those that have several levels of static correction to choose out of (over 100) A dog’s owner decides the level of correction on the dog’s temperament training by turning the level down to zero and slowly increasing it by “Tapping” to the remote button , and then looking over the dog’s movements for the smallest of reactions like turning its head towards you or tilting its head to one side.

The static shock that is created by the receiver collar is not designed to cause physical injury. When set at the proper setting, the sensation the dog feels is similar to moving the back of your dog’s neck with your finger to draw its focus. A squeaky pulse. Nothing more.

Every e-collar comes with either vibration or tone only options (some include both). If tone or vibration are utilized consistently prior to any static corrections can be applied, typically, after only a few low-level static corrections , dogs will respond to tone or vibration exclusively and no longer require static corrections, unless when they are in high-distraction situations.

If you follow the training guidelines The dog should react quickly to verbal commands only and you’ll need the collar occasionally for a refresher course.

Not all ecollars are “shock” made; however, there are models that deliver a burst of citronella spray, vibrating, tone and a high-pitched ultrasonic sound instead. But these kinds of collars aren’t as effective as stationary shock collars.

E-Collar Training

Experts who have experience with the use of ecollars swear by them.

There are two main types of reinforcement that are utilized for training and in behavior modification: positive and negative. While most people automatically assume that electronic collars are utilized for negative reinforcement as a method of punishment however, this isn’t always the case.

Based on the training associated with the the collar, you can make use of the collar for positive reinforcement, too.

A novice may find it difficult at first to become familiar with the electric collar. The timing and the reinforcement are crucial, and a handler needs to make sure that the canine knows the commands in a verbal manner first and understands what is expected from it.