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What Is a Carb Cap and How Does It Work?

This indispensable dab tool helps make the process of dabbing with lower temperature more efficient providing a smoother delicious, more enjoyable experience than could otherwise be accomplished. What exactly is a carb-cap, in what way does it impact your dabbing experience?

Carb caps are dab tools that are available in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. All constructed from heat-resistant materials such as glass, quartz and titanium. Carb caps cover the bucket with bangers or nails after the dab is dropped into, and act similar to a lid for the saucepot. This device increases convection and control of airflow to ensure that cannabis oil is vaporized at the lowest temperature.

Different carb caps work with different nails, however getting the perfect one is a breeze. If you own a flat-top banger or an eNail nail or terp slurp there’s a cap that is specifically made for each!

The benefits of the use of carb caps

Carb caps improve the experience of dabbing by making it possible to experience the tastiest, most terpene rich dabbing you can imagine.

Air circulation and control improved

Caps with carbs allow airflow control by redirecting airflow through the cap or restricting it when used with nails such as the terp Slurp. Caps cause the pressure inside the bucket of nail to decrease and this in turn reduces the boiling point of the concentrate.

Heat retention

Carb caps are crucial to maintain the temperature of your nail. Inexperienced users often get their nails heated to extreme temperatures, which can be harmful to the protection of terpenes and cannabinoids. Doing your dabbing with lower temperature (300-400 temperatures) can preserve the desired flavor as well as aroma and effects. If you dab at lower temperatures, carb caps can help keep heat in place so that you don’t get left with an evaporation.

Waste reduction

Since carb caps assist with heat retention, it’s simpler to ensure that you get the most the concentrates. Instead of being left with an oil puddle in the base of the nail a carb cap will let to ensure that you are able to vape the maximum amount. Certain of the latest carb caps, like ones that permit an airflow that is directional, permit you to be more efficient, directing the heat to all the corners of your nail, making sure there is no waste.

Car caps of various types

Carb caps are all made from heat-resistant materials such as glass, quartz, or titanium. Carb caps vary from flat-top, basic designs to more innovative designs that are designed to be used with certain nails. Each cap is unique in purpose and style. Examples of different styles include:

Direct Airflow Cap

The directional carb cap, often called spinner caps, come with the carb hole as well as an angled tube that runs through the cap. Directional flow caps provide an ideal seal around the nail. If swiveled or rotated they are able to move the oil (and the terp pearls) over the dabbing surface to improve the vaporization.

Bubble Carb Cap

Bubble carb caps give users the greatest control over airflow due to their huge carb stem as well as ball-and-socket-style design. They are particularly suitable for nails with a flat top.

Universal Carb Caps

Universal carb caps come with hollow domes that can be placed on top of oddly-shaped nails such as e-nails, castle-style nails, and the majority of domeless nails.