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What makes a good trailer light kit?

Trailers are a great method of transporting large as well as heavy-duty equipment though we are trying to figure out how to pull one off the driveway. However, before you even consider beginning your tow vehicle it must meet certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. The most obvious element is that your trailer must have the correct trailer rear light kit. This is crucial to ensure your visibility to other road users and, more importantly notify them when you’re slowing or changing lanes.

What To Consider

In contrast to other products in the auto industry light fixtures for trailers are extremely easy to install. The most significant differences between the models is the lighting technology as well as waterproofing, mounting methods and compatibility with trailers.

Light Technology

Although LED bulbs are used in almost every area the world, every car enthusiast is aware that incandescent bulbs are still in use and in the automobile industry. Incandescent lighting is less expensive than LED alternatives, but the extra cost is accompanied by greater durability and longer life. LED bulbs are typically less susceptible to water with conformal coatings as well.


Basic kits employ bulbs that are incandescent and enclosed in a waterproof light pod with gasket. The kits that are less expensive aren’t designed to be submerged. The gasket is used to keep water out. Mid-range kits also make use of incandescent lighting, but they employ the bell Jar principle to keep water from entering. Without requiring a lengthy science lesson, this allows you to dip the glass upside-down with no water filling every cup. While the top of the crop kits feature LED bulbs that are sealed permanently and water-proof. These lights are suitable for towing jobs in the event of rainy weather, but you should opt for a waterproof option when you are planning on towing or the docking of any boat.

Mounting Systems and Compatibility

Additionally, it is important to consider the mounting systems that are included with lights. Be sure to choose brackets with ample adjustability. It’s common for trailers to can be bent in all kinds of directions, which can lead to holes for attachments which aren’t aligned perfectly. Fortunately, most of the equipment that are on this list will give the ability to adjust more than you’ll probably need.

The last thing to consider is trailer compatibility, which is more widespread than you think, but is essential to take into consideration. Make sure your trailer is smaller than eight feet wide. If it’s wider, Department of Transportation regulations oblige you to install clearance lights.

I’ve always been fascinated by everything automotive since the age of a child and have covered for years the auto industry. To identify the best trailer lighting kits, I did an in-depth look at review websites, such as Best Reviews and Etrailer, along with Amazon reviews from customers to determine the top models that are worth your money. I evaluated models on their lighting technology waterproofing, mount hardware and compatibility along with costs and features, like the addition wire looms, or license plate holders. Read on to determine the one that fits your requirements best.

Best Overall

Blazer International C7280

Excellent waterproofing
Kit includes everything you’ll need

Cheap license plate holder for plates
A little expensive

Key Specifications

Light Type is LED
Waterproof Yes
Compatibility: More than 80 in.

The trailer light kit by Blazer provides everything you’d like from a lighting kit. It’s not just running LED bulbs and light pods, but they are also sealed in a way to keep out moisture. If any sealing seals break, Blazer also went the extra mile by coating the entire electronics with an epoxy that is water-resistant. In addition to the lighting, this set comes with everything you need to get started including a wiring harness the license plate bracket and mounting equipment as well as instructions. With its universal compatibility and less than $50 cost, it’s hard to match this set.

Best Value

MaxxHaul 70094

Very inexpensive

No LED bulbs

Key Specifications

Light Type: Incandescent
Waterproof: No
Compatibility: less than 80 inches.

Although it doesn’t have many features typically found in more expensive kits, this one comes from MaxxHaul is perfect for those who are just starting out or those who don’t intend to tow or launch their watercraft. While the incandescent lamps included aren’t as durable as the LEDs used in different kits, they’re more affordable to replace. Additionally, it’s easy to dismantle the light pods by using four screws to replace bulbs in the event that they go out of control. While MaxxHaul states its kit as suitable for trailers that are less than 80 inches in width however, it does include the required clearance lights that conform to DOT regulations.

Reliable even when submerged for lengthy durations of time
Installation is simple and easy to do

No wiring loom

Key Specifications

Light Type is LED
Waterproof Yes
Compatibility: More than 80 inches.

Even though the trailer lights from CZC Auto do not come with the wiring loom, users have praised these lights. A majority of buyers praised the simple integration into their wiring infrastructure as well as the light’s reliability. A reviewer recommended completely submerging them every week in fresh and salt water, and they haven’t had any problems with corrosion. At less than $30, it’s difficult to match the value you’ll get from these lights.

The best LED Upgrade

Partsam under 80 inches Marine Square LED

IP68 waterproof

This is not a complete kit

Key Specifications

Light Type is LED
Waterproof Yes
Compatibility: less than 80 inches.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your lighting from incandescent lamps to LED the trailer lights made by Partsam are perfect for you. Partsam is a reputable brand that has built lighting systems for large trucks, cars and trucks. This is also the most highly-rated product on Amazon. Apart from that the lights themselves are made to last, with the LED bulb and waterproofing IP68. Be aware that these lights do not include the wiring loom, therefore you’ll need to provide your own.

Maximum Visibility

Linkitom LED Submersible Tail Light Kit for Trailers

Unique light pattern
Lengthy 25-foot wiring harness

A bit pricey

Key Specifications

Type of Light: LED
Waterproof Yes
Compatibility: Less than 80 in.

It’s not surprising that it’s difficult to make a mark when you’re selling trailer lighting. This is the reason the reason the Linkitom kit Linkitom comes with a unique design of halo lights to create a distinctive look as well as a wiring harness which is 25 feet long, which is the longest of the list. It’s also the only one with additional reflectors to increase visibility. Many Amazon reviews also noted that the kit’s ease of install.