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Why Buy Holztiger Figures?

Are you in search of fun, unique and eco-friendly toys that you and your children will enjoy? Here’s everything you should be aware of concerning Holztiger animals!

My love for Holztiger Australia runs deep!

Let me explain the reason. I first heard about them the time of my death. We had just bought our first home and did not have much additional money. We were saving money to finish numerous home improvement projects and our house required lots of them. The duct tape was holding the carpet together – DUCT tape! One room was not just two, nor three, but Four walls, each painted in a different hue. As I mentioned the house we lived in needed lots of work. This meant lots of money that needed to be used.

So , instead of buying toys, I sat and watched various toy profiles on Instagram from afar , admiring the exquisite wooden animals that are hand-crafted. I always hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity to purchase these incredible toys for my children and eventually, my grandchildren for them to enjoy.

It was the day last October. My husband received an increase from his job and I finally had the chance to purchase the wooden animals that I’d fantasized about for many years.

I wanted to invest our hard-earned money in a wise way. I wanted to invest in high-quality toys that would last forever and which my children would be able to reach for frequently. I decided to go with Holztiger and could not be more pleased!

1. They’re Handmade

Holztiger animals are handcrafted in Europe. They are painted and carved by hand. They’re made of solid maple and measure 2.5 millimeters in thickness. Additionally, they’re painted using safe water-based paint. Aren’t these amazing? I love the fact the fact that I can bring hand-carved animals into my house for my kids to enjoy with.

2. They’re Long-Lasting

They’ll last for a long time as they’re very durable. When I made the decision to purchase my first Holztiger I knew that I’d have the chance to keep the toys for my children to play with someday. Another reason why I was sure this was a good purchase.

3. There’s a Wide Variety

They are the ideal for any playroom and there are a myriad to pick from!

There is a safari, farm and zoo, as well as meadow, river forrest, dragons, princesses, dinosaurs, princes and even Christmas-themed characters.

And they don’t make animals, but they also create trees and plants as well. They create apples, palm trees pine trees and shrubs. They also have an incredible handmade castle and Noah’s Arc as well!

4. They’re also educational

Waldorf was the inspiration behind these gorgeous toys. There’s so much you could create using these!

You can:

Divide them into various environments
Sort them in color
Place them in order of the size (tallest to shortest, and the shortest to tallest)
Play pretend with them
Make them a starting point for conversations about friendship as well as being adventurous and also being nice
Participate in scavenger hunting with them
Arrange them according to the sounds they produce
Arrange them according to their skin (fur hair, scales feathers, feathers, etc.)

5. They’re Gorgeous

I’m awestruck by how real, imaginative and beautiful the animals look! I am incredibly happy just watching them.

They’re also big which makes them ideal for children to play with.

6. They’re Versitle

They can be used to play a variety of games.

You can:

Utilize wooden blocks to construct homes, barns, zoos and many other areas where animals can live.
Build with Magnatiles using them
They can be stacked together
Place them in a row

7. They’re sustainable

I’ve largely moved from buying my children plastic toys to wooden ones. At times, I’ll buy Paw Patrol and barbies for their toys, but generally I would rather have wood toys to my kids.

I’m trying my best to aid the planet and one way to do this is by reducing the amount of waste.

8. They’re Realistic

Holztiger animals look very real! The hand-painted designs on them include mouths eyes, claws, eyes hair and shells, spikes, tails feet, ears and much more. They’ve come up with everything they can to make these animals appear exactly like the animals they see in real life.

9. They Have Happy Faces

The animals of the Holztiger family when compared with other animals made of wood are cheerful. They are characterized by “cheery” faces that bring you a smile. They make my kids and me extremely happy when they play.

10. They’re fun for everyone

Another reason for me to purchase Holztiger was because I wanted more toys to play with. I was looking for toys that could inspire me, too. Holztiger went through all my boxes!

Here’s the Bottom Line

In short, since Holztiger wood toys are hand-crafted durable, durable beautiful, durable and educational, I continue to buy as well as buying. As I mentioned earlier my affection for them is deep!

I’m down to 50 at the moment, and I’d like to buy many more! My wish list keeps increasing. I 1000% recommend buying Holztiger animals!