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Why Write a Funny Message in a Christmas Card?

Making Christmas cards is the most simple thing, right? There’s no sellotape. No scissors. There are no rolls or wrapping paper rolls. All you need is a pen, card, and the words you want to use. But, there’s no page. It taunts. It plays with. “You’ll never come up with anything you can think of!’ It laughs. ‘Wit!? What’s the matter with wit! What’s it saying. Do not be worried. Assistance is available. Do not resort to the typical “Happy Christmas! ” alternative. It’s old news. It’s time to give a big fat smile on the face of someone when they open the envelope of a Christmas card. From your grandmother to your grumble of a neighbor Here are ten hilarious Christmas card greetings for you to play around with during the holiday season:

1. I’ve spent so much time thinking about the present that it’s too late to buy it. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

A well-known Christmas joke. Did I give you a present? Haven’t I? It doesn’t matter if bought them a present. Do you see how funny I am? Laughter is the perfect gift for Christmas. Take it as a gift (you may decide to give the card as a gift).

2. Don’t we all have to wear those flimsy jumpers? la la!

A message that is as sexy and uninspiring as the classic Christmas jumpers it references. This type of holiday jokes are completely at your face. It’s bizarre, absurd and ridiculous… as well. what’s funny about this?

3. I’d say that all I’d like for Christmas is you however, that handbag…

Handbag. Watch. Pony. Include your most memorable Christmas wishes in the way you see appropriate. Remember that must-have item in the middle of your Christmas wish list. It’s exactly what Mariah would have liked.

4. The Christmas season is a time that everyone would like to forget their past and have his present to be remembered.

Okay We took this idea. We’re grateful to the legendary stand-up and actress Phyllis Diller but we’re taking the credit and taking it to the next level.

5. Being on the list of the best gets you more gifts. But being naughty can be the reward in itself…

This isn’t a the grandma’s Christmas card. This isn’t the type of card that grandma would want for her Christmas card.

6. Why do Dasher as well as Dancer always having coffee breaks? They are because they’re Santa’s starbucks!

The dad joke will live on forever. That is to say, no one is likely to be impressed by this joke, unless it’s your dad.

7. What’s the name of an unruly child who doesn’t want to take a seat in Santa’s lap? Claustrophobic!

Word play that is old-fashioned and fun. Forget the Christmas crackers, the best jokes begin when your Christmas cards are slipping through the lettersboxes.

8. Three words that summarize Christmas are Peace on Earth Goodwill to men and batteries not included.

Seriously , though the question is why batteries aren’t included in Christmas presents?

If you’d like to buy rude Christmas cards, you can do so online here.

9. Christmas has been postponed. Evidently, you said to Santa you’ve been good all season… Then he passed out in laughter…

There’s nothing more fun than Santa kick the bucket? However, this is not a joke for kids.

10. You’re not alone!

Because Christmas is a season of food (both literal and metaphorically) we end with a cheesy end. It’s sure to put a cheeky smile on the face of someone.