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Why Your Cat Needs a Good Scratching Post

There are numerous benefits of living our lives and our houses with pets. But, as any cat owner will tell you there are often certain negatives. In the course of the normal behavior of cats they can cause messy environments within our homes. Unfortunately, this may cause a conflict among us as well as our cats. One of the most frequent areas of disagreement is scratching carpets, furniture, or any other household items.

The dangers of rubbing your cat’s head for your cat

When the usual scratching behavior of cats is in conflict with the human desire to keep clean and tidy living conditions, cats can suffer the following negative effects.

People may try to punish the scratching behaviour. It’s not always successful and could make your cat afraid and discomfort. This can lead to an increase in negative behavior.
Some cats are let out to the wild which exposes them to injury, disease and, often, early death.
Certain felines are stripped. It is a painful procedure for cats that may also alter behavior and character A cat declaw is the loss of all the front digits until the joint that is first.
Some cats are surrendered to shelters where they can be killed if they’re not adopted within a reasonable time.

Why do cats scratch things in the first place?

In order to be able to coexist peacefully with our felines we must understand the reasons why they might engage in something we would consider as a negative behavior and then offer them alternatives that are acceptable to us as well as our furniture. Cats are born with the desire to scratch things to scratch them for various reasons.

The scent glands of cats are located inside their paws. Scratching the cat’s scent onto the object, and also leaves an odour that is a warning to other cats.
Similar to the scratches left on objects through scratching provide information about their territory to others.
Scratching can help remove the outer layer of cat’s nails. It’s an excellent grooming behaviour.
Cats scratch to expand to stretch their claws and their bodies. The process triggers “feel-good” chemicals that keep your cat in good health.
Cats scratch to relieve tension or exuberance as well as “blow out steam.”

How can I deal with My cat scratching at my Furniture?

There are ways in which your cat’s need to scratch will be satisfied without having to sacrifice the items in your home. One way to accomplish this is to offer quality scratching surfaces. If you pay care to the qualities that come with a cat scratcher that is perfect (height sturdy, durability, and scratching material that is good) and a bit of training to your pet, and a bit of more understanding and patience, your cat will surely be able to leave the furniture unattended. Your cat will love the scratching posts. Engaging in their normal actions will enable your cat to become more healthy and happier and will lead to more love being shared with you!