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What classic shows and films are on HBO Max?

HBO Max may be newer to the streaming battles however, it’s already competing with the rivals like Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. It offers almost everything HBO has ever released, with brand new exclusives as well as including the Warner Bros. back catalogue and some other winners like Friends and the Studio Ghibli films, The Justice League Snyder Cut and the Friends reunion special.

HBO Max will also be receiving all the latest 2021 films by Warner Bros., which will be streamed through HBO Max at the same as they release in theaters. Some of the most popular films of the year are listed on this list, including The Suicide Squad, Dune and The Matrix 4.

This is all the details about HBO Max, including how to stream HBO Max from outside the UK and the films and shows that are available. We also have an overview of the top streaming shows that are coming on the platform, and the steps to get HBO Max for free.

HBO Max is available now and you can sign-up through HBO Max on HBO Max website. For more information about how you can access the service on your mobile device, check out our article about how to access HBO Max.

What exactly is HBO Max?

HBO Max is an all-in-one streaming service that not only encompasses all HBO’s original content, from shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld to a wide selection of films as well as new original content and other content of WarnerMedia’s other offerings.

There are many sources of content available: such sources as:

Warner Bros.
New Line Cinema
Studio Ghibli
Looney Tunes
The CW
Turner Classic Movies
Cartoon Network
Adult Swim
Rooster Teeth

What is the cost?

The cost of the service is $14.99 each month. This is the same as the previous HBO Now service, and HBO Max comes with all that media and more, making it amazing that HBO keeps pricing the same.

A less expensive, ad-supported variant of the service that is comparable to the ad-supported Hulu membership, has been launched. available today. HBO Max with Ads costs $9.99 per month. It is notable because it is the first time HBO has offered its customers advertisements, although HBO says it will provide “the lowest ad load within the streaming industry.”

However the version you are streaming doesn’t include any new 2021 releases like The Suicide Squad, and it can only be streamed at 1080p rather than 4K.

The service is free for current HBO subscribers of AT&T as well as HBO Now direct-billing customers. Customers who are subscribers to AT&T’s premium video, mobile , and broadband plans can also access the service at no extra cost. Here’s a list of particular customers that are eligible to use this service:

U400 and U450 television
AT&T TV Now Max
AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan

Other AT&T customers are still able to avail trial-based trials for the service, but the duration of the trial is dependent on the account you have. Additionally, some offer will only last for a specific duration. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit AT&T’s website. Find all of the offers we’ve listed in our roundup of deals available for HBO Max.

Additionally, other third-party HBO customers are eligible. If you are currently paying to pay for HBO via one of these providers, you will be eligible to receive HBO Max at no cost:

Charter’s Spectrum
YouTube TV
Altice (Optimum as well as SuddenLink)
Cox Communications
NCTC (WOW! Atlantic Broadband, RCN, Grande Communications & Wave, and MCTV)

The procedure for signing up will differ according to your plan. inquire with your provider for more information.

The initial free trial of seven days for new subscribers is no more available. Similar to Netflix or Disney Plus, HBO Max was able to phase this out in the days ahead to the launch of Wonder Woman 1984.
Does HBO Max coming to the UK?

We’d be extremely amazed to see HBO Max came to the UK. None of the other streaming services is available in the UK however HBO Max has lucrative agreements with Sky to provide HBO content accessible through Sky Atlantic and The deal now means that it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see HBO Max in the UK.

The possibility of a UK launch became less likely after Sky announced the renewal of their “multi-year collaboration in programming” in partnership with HBO in October of this year, “meaning Sky and NOW TV customers can enjoy top-quality programming of HBO as well as Warner Bros. … for years to be to come,” according to a Sky press announcement. The announcement specifically mentioned HBO Max in reference to the new co-productions being developed between Sky as well as HBO Max, following previous co-productions that included Chernobyl as well as Catherine the Great.

In essence, there’s virtually no possibility for HBO Max will come to the UK however it’s possible that the majority, if not all of the original series will be available on Sky and Now.

HBO Max is now in 39 territories across Latin America and the Caribbean. There are however several differences between the plans. There’s no plans with ads-supported in these countries, however there’s a mobile-only plan that supports SD streaming, and as much as five downloads of titles. Prices differ for each country.

It will begin to roll out in regions of Europe in which HBO has already direct operations later in the year.

How do I access HBO Max from the UK

We’ve cracked the code to stream HBO Max in the US by using the use of a VPN as well as an US Apple ID or Google Play login as well as HBO Max. HBO Max app. VPNs provide you with a brand new IP address, which means you can use the internet like you’re within the US.

Here’s the essential steps to follow to follow to watch HBO Max in the UK:

Install an VPN onto your iPhone or Android device, and choose the US server
Create a new Apple ID or Google Play account.
Access the HBOMax/tv sign in
Create an account by with your new account and PayPal

We’ve been able to test this method with NordVPN but you’ll also be able to achieve it using ExpressVPN or one of our suggested VPNs to use with HBO Max.

What Warner Bros. films will be released through HBO Max in 2020 and 2021?

HBO Max will be the first streaming platform to offer a complete slate of brand new films that are released in cinemas simultaneously.

Here’s the latest film release schedule as they are. It is important to note that these dates could be altered due to the continuing delays caused by the pandemic

Space Jam: A New Legacy 16 July 2021
The Suicide Squad – 6 August 2021
Reminiscence – 27th August 2021
Malignant – 10 September 2021
Dune – 1 October 2021
Cry Macho – 22 October 2021
King Richard – 19 November 2021
The Matrix 4 – 22 Dec 2021

What films and classic shows are available on HBO Max?

Friends has been removed from US Netflix and has moved to HBO Max and will be getting an all-new reunion special and the another ’90s classic The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is available on the platform together with The Big Bang Theory.

The San Diego Comic-Con event was confirmed it was announced that the DC Universe show Doom Patrol will become an HBO Max co-production, with season two premiering at the same time on both platforms starting on June 25, 2020 with the debut season debuting fully from the moment of its the start. It’s not all there is to DC content on the platform The platform also offers forty decades of old DC films, including all of the classic Batman and Superman movies.

HBO has also entered into a partnership together with BBC to obtain exclusivity US streaming rights for various British programs, which includes contemporary Doctor Who (from 2005 onwards) and Office (from 2005 onwards), Office (UK version), Luther, Top Gear and many other shows. The agreement also contains new shows that will be a part of Doctor Who going forwards – although they’ll continue to be broadcast via BBC America first.

This isn’t even the most significant exclusive HBO has received by negotiating with different creators: it’s almost certainly the complete Studio Ghibli collection. In a historic agreement, HBO has exclusive US streaming rights to all of the 20 current Ghibli films – which includes Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke along with My Neighbor Totoro – along with the new The Wind Rises. It’s the first time that all Ghibli’s films are accessible to stream from one location in the US which makes this deal even more amazing and unique, even though the rest the world can stream the entire collection on Netflix.

There’s also children’s TV with a brand name that has a long history of being Sesame Street. It began airing on HBO in the year 2015, however in 2020 (well for five years at the very least) the new arrangement will have Sesame Street episodes airing exclusively on HBO Max as well as four brand new Sesame Street shows including an Elmo-led late-night talk show that is a parody. In addition all fifty seasons from Sesame street’s back catalog is available for viewing and includes some that have not been available for download before.

In terms of adult-oriented programming, South Park is exclusively available on HBO Max, with all the current episodes and new episodes available 24 hours after airing. Rick Morty and Rick Morty is also available on the service, but not exclusive to it.

The platform is a great platform for movies. It includes the likes of The Lord Of The Rings franchise (including The Hobbit), The Matrix trilogy, classics like The Wizard Of Oz and Citizen Cane and new blockbusters like A Star Is Born.
What are the latest new shows for HBO Max?

While all the major films and series are thrilling, HBO has commissioned multiple new projects and uses HBO Max as a reason to expand its original goals for content. Here are some of the most exciting features available on HBO Max currently, and in the pipeline in the future
Now available:

Love Life – This rom-com anthology show is hosted by Anna Kendrick (who also serves as the producer) and follows a new person each episode, starting from their first love affair to the final.
For The Record – This documentary film examines the allegations of sexual assault and harassment of hip-hop business mogul Russell Simmons.
Legendary – This contest focuses on vocalizing which is decided by a number of famous people, such as Law Roach, Jameela Jamil and Megan Thee Stallion.
Craftopia – This kid’s crafting contest is intended to be an enjoyable show to relax to and presented by Youtuber Lauren Riihimaki.
“The Not Too Late Show with Elmo The Not Too Late Show with Elmo Sesame Street star has his own talk show that is in the same style as other late-night talk shows.
Looney Tunes Cartoons – All you Looney Tunes faves – Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Roadrunner The characters are featured in these short episodes, which last anywhere between one to six minutes. Season 1 is comprised of 80 episodes.
Adventure Time: Distant Lands – HBO Max has commissioned four one-hour specials by the producers of the recently cancelled program, Adventure Time.
Close Enough – An adult animated series that centers around a couple in their twenties with their daughter who is five and their divorced family who reside together at the LA duplex.
Expecting Amy The three-part docuseries is set to follow the comedy Amy Schuemer as she was performing on tour during her pregnancy.
The House of Ho – Inspired by the movie hit Crazy Rich Asians, this documentary will follow a rich multigenerational family of Vietnamese Americans living in Houston, Texas.
Justice League Snyder Cut – Justice League, the 2017 film was directed originally by Zack Snyder, but Joss Whedon was the director and changed the movie significantly. This version brings Snyder’s vision back to life.
Friends Reunion Special The original team of Friends and the show’s creators – get together to talk about the show, and to reminisce on some of the most hilarious and most famous moments.

Originals in the making:

Dune The Sisterhood The series was created for release in the same year as the Sci-Fi film Dune This series focuses on the story from a different perspective which is an ensemble of women known as Bene Gesserit. Bene Gesserit.
Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Ten-episode animated series is an introductory film for both Gremlins films. It’s located in the 1920s of Shanghai where a little boy named Sam Wing meets the Mogwai Gizmo.
Grease: Rydell High – Are you in the mood to see music? The new show is sequel of the first film Grease which follows the students who are in Rydell High School.
The show is untitled. Green Lantern series – Arrowverse co-creator Greg Berlanti will be exclusively producing this brand-new show that spans many decades, with a focus on the history that led to two Green Lanterns, as well as investigating Sinestro, the villain. Sinestro.
Strange Adventures – Another DC series that is on the cards. Strange Adventures will be an collection of stories from several DC characters, but with a focus on Adam Strange, an archaeologist who transforms into an enigmatic superhero.
Justice League Dark – One of three shows produced under the direction of J.J. Abrams, this show focuses on a particular branch within the Justice League who deal with supernatural issues.
Overlook The story is based on the Stephen King novel The Shining, this series will provide more information about The setting of the story, The Overlook Hotel, and the ghosts who dwell in it.
Duster – This brand new series will be a crime-themed show that takes place in the seventies following a getaway driver that is involved in a variety of risky situations.
Equal is a four-part docuseries produced by Scout Productions about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement, with interviews with activists like Harry Hay, reenactments, never-before-seen footage, as well as deep-dive dives into historical events such as the Stonewall Riots.

What devices are HBO Max available on?

Apart from the standard website browser HBO Max is available to stream on a variety of smartphones, including iOS, Android, Chromecast smart TVs, Apple TV, YouTube TV, Xbox One, and PS4, PS5, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.