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How to Take Tongkat Ali Safely

The Best Guide to Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali, which is also called Eurycoma longifolia, is a plant that has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. It grows naturally in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Tongkat ali is a bush or small tree that can grow up to 20 feet tall. The stem is long and straight, and the leaves are dark green. The tree has grayish-brown bark, and its roots are thick and twisted.

People think that the eurycomanols, which are a group of substances like sterols, are what make tongkat ali work. Researchers have found that eurycomanols do a number of things in the body, like raise testosterone levels, improve sexual function, and lower stress.

Tongkat Ali’s History

Tongkat ali has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. The first time it was known to have been used was by Malay soldiers in the 16th century. They used it to get stronger and have more energy.

At the start of the 20th century, tongkat ali was brought to medicine in the West. It was first looked at as a possible way to treat malaria, but later it was found that this wasn’t true.

In the past few years, people have become interested in tongkat ali again because it can improve sexual performance and raise testosterone levels. Some science study backs up these claims, but more needs to be done.

How do you use Tongkat Ali?

The exact way that tongkat ali works is not fully known. But scientists think that the eurycomanols in the plant may affect hormones like testosterone and oestrogen in the body.

Tongkat ali may also help fight free radicals and reduce inflammation. Free radicals and inflammation can cause damage to the body, which may be prevented by these characteristics.

Tongkat Ali Is Good for Your Health

Several health benefits have been related to tongkat ali, such as:

Testosterone levels go up. Both men and women have had their testosterone levels go up after taking tongkat ali. This may be because it can stop an enzyme called aromatase from doing its job, which is to turn testosterone into oestrogen.

It has been shown that both men and women who take tongkat ali have better sexual function. This may be because it can make more testosterone and get more blood to the genitals.

Tongkat ali has been shown to make people feel less stressed. It may be able to do this because it can stop the stress hormone cortisol from doing its job.

Energy levels go up: Tongkat ali has been shown to make people feel more energetic. This could be because it can raise testosterone levels and make you feel less tired.

Animal tests have shown that Tongkat Ali improves brain function. This could be because it can stop free radicals and inflammation from hurting the brain.

How safe it is and what it does

When taken in the amounts suggested, tongkat ali is usually thought to be safe. But some people have reported side effects like feeling sick, throwing up, and having diarrhoea.

Tongkat ali can also cause problems when taken with certain medicines, like blood thinners and diabetes drugs. If you already take medicine, you should talk to your doctor before taking tongkat ali.

How to take Tongkat Ali and how much to take

The right amount of tongkat ali to take depends on the product and the person. But most people take between 200 and 400 mg per day.

Tongkat ali can be taken as a pill, a tablet, or an extract that is taken by mouth. To get the most out of tongkat ali, it’s best to take it when you’re not hungry.

Where Can I Get Tongkat Ali?

You can buy tongkat ali in a lot of health food shops and online. To make sure that the tongkat ali you buy is of good quality, you should buy it from a reliable source.

In the end,

Tongkat ali is a plant that has been used for health for hundreds of years. It might be good for your health in a number of ways, such as by raising testosterone levels, making physical function better, and lowering stress. But more study needs to be done to prove these benefits.

If you are thinking about taking tongkat ali, you should first talk to your doctor. Some medicines can react badly with tongkat ali, so it’s important to make sure it’s safe for you to take.