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What Are The Best Anti Snoring Devices On The Market?

No single snoring remedy works for everyone. This is because there are many different causes of snoring. We have listed our top seven effective snoring remedies that have been proven to help many of our clients stop snoring…

1. Specialist pillows

When looking into how to stop snoring immediately, an excellent, non-invasive snoring aid is an anti-snoring pillow. There are many pillow designs which combat snoring in various ways:

Pillows for side sleeping Sleeping on your side is one of the most effective methods to lessen the amount of snoring. It’s not easy to achieve if you’re habitually resting on your back, and pillows with ridges may be the solution.

CPAP pillows come with ergonomically-designed cut-outs which can fit the mask and the hose that comes with a CPAP device to prevent stress on your face, inadvertent removal or misalignment, which could lead to air leakage.

Adjustment pillows can align your neck and head properly in order to prevent airway compression. A “cervical repositioning” technique can reduce the your snoring, and allow you to have a more comfortable sleep.

Foam wedge pillows are ideal if you always revert to sleeping on your back. Sleepers who are back are more at risk of snoring as a result of the pressure of the tissue surrounding your airway, which compresses it. Lifting your head a bit, like with a wedge pillow, has proven to bring significant positive effects for numerous users.

2. Smart Nora

The Smart Nora system is a groundbreaking, innovative, non-invasive snoring aid that is unique to other. It’s perfect for the person who has tried everything , and may be the final snoring solution you buy.

“Several times my scores were way off the mark when compared to other users however, when I switched to Smart Nora, they dropped dramatically.”

Smart Nora manipulates your normal pillow. Simply slide the inflatable expander underneath your pillow and lie asleep. If the detector detects the sound of snoring, it activates the expander to expand, which allows you to gently move your head in order to bring back muscular tone to your airways and stop snoring.

Smart Nora addresses snoring differently than any other snoring aid. Smart Nora tackles the root of snoring, and addresses the common denominator, which is your airway, which is relaxed. Since all snorers possess unrestrained airways in some way, Smart Nora is suitable for a range of snorers:

Front, side, and back sleepers
Mouth breathers that can be closed or open.
People whose snoring has worsened as they age
Those who can’t tolerate mouthpieces

3. Mouthpieces

Anti-snoring mouthpieces provide a reliable solution for around 50percent of snorers. One of them is a mandibular advance device (MAD). It moves your jaw forward, which tightens the tissues of your airway that are prone to slacking and causing snoring. MADs are a good to help you snore.

People who snore more when lying on their back
Overweight snorers
Patients who wake up frequently with sore throats or a headache
People whose snoring is getting worse as they get older

There are a variety of MAD that are available, and choosing the one that is right for you can be quite a challenge. For the highest quality we recommend having a mouthpiece designed by a dentist. However, it can be expensive.

There are still great quality mouthpieces that aren’t a huge cost for a custom-made model. When buying a generic mouthpiece online, we recommend adjustable mouthpieces or ones that come in various sizes. This will allow users to feel comfortable the use of the device and will not cause discomfort.

Three MADs that have our seal of approval:


The mouthpiece is small and light, it comes in two sizes, and is a key feature that allows side jaw movements for more ease of use.


A top quality mouthpiece with customized moulding trays, millimeter-wide adjustments, and medical-grade materials.


Adjustable, two sizes and slimline the mouthpiece ticks many boxes.

Other mouthpieces can aid in tackling one of the most common reasons for snoring: your tongue. This type of “tongue retainers” can be placed on the ends of your tongue in order to prevent it falling back into your airway where it can cause obstruction.

We recommend our Good Morning Snore Solution. In contrast to some MADs that cause jaw pain, this one doesn’t cause jaw pain and doesn’t require a special to fit. It may help with snoring:

People whose snoring has worsened with age
Nighttime mouth breathers
People who lie on their back
Sleep apnea mild to moderate sufferers

4. Air purifiers and humidifiers

Clean, humid air is an important step to stop snoring.

Snoring can be helped by air purifiers. triggered by allergies and pollution. Allergens and irritations can irritate the airways of our upper respiratory tract, leading to stuffy noses and swollen throats, increasing your resistance against the breath we take.

Air purifiers are an ideal solution for snorers who:

Have hay fever
Do you suffer from dust allergies?
Live in a house with pets
Live in a polluted area
Smoke or even live in a home with smokers

If you are buying an air purifier, check at the kind of filter as well as the size particles it is able to eliminate. Be aware of the amount of noise it makes and if it can be easily moved around your home. We like the Levoit compact HEPA air purifier because it’s compact, quiet, safe and effective, with the shape of the unit that draws air from all angles.

Humidifiers can add humidity to the dry air. This can be a great aid in snoring for people who

Live in dry climates
Rest with your mouth open.
Most often, we suffer from sinus issues
Use air conditioning in their home
Discover that CPAP dry their airways
Are pregnant

There are two major types of air purifier two main types: warm and cold mist. Both of them will effectively humidify the air in your space. We favor the warm mist option because:

The heat kills potentially harmful bacteria that could be accumulating in the unit.
The mist can be medicated by a variety of aromatherapies.
The warm air mimics the features the nose.

5. SomniFix mouth strips

This easy, inexpensive and non-invasive remedy discourages noisy breath by gently squeezing your lips together in order to force breathing through the nose.

Breathing through your mouth is one of the most commonly cited causes of snoring. It makes your throat more compressed, and pushes your tongue further towards your airway, which reduces space and makes it more difficult to breathe.

As well showing great results to stop snoring encouraging nasal breathing with SomniFix can also provide other health benefitsthat will give you more rest and lessening the possibility of infections and allergic reactions.

6. Neti pots

It is a must-have item for anyone who suffers from chronic congestion and suffers from snoring. neti pots are a wonderful natural solution to clean your nasal passages. When you use a neti mug, you put salt water in your nostrils to flush out whatever is blocking your nose as well as soothe the irritation.

Clearing your nasal passages with a neti pot removes allergens and irritations, and clears excessive mucus and soothes your discomforting nose. We recommend the neti pot for:

People who suffer from allergies to pollen or dust
Seasonal colds
Snorers who live in environments that have poor air quality
People with chronic sinus issues

7. Nasal dilators

A blocked nose is a trigger for numerous people’s snoring. One of the most popular options, which is not medically based, to treat snoring due to nasal obstruction is to utilize an nasal dilator. They provide many advantages over other anti-snoring products:

They’re non-medicated, which means they do not cause any adverse side effects, and can be used by most people.
Nasal dilators provide instantaneous relief.
Nasal dilators do not require any surgery and are fairly easy to use and.
They do not become less effective as they continue to use them.
Nasal dilators are extremely affordable.

Nasal dilation devices mechanically open your nasal passageways. There are two types:

External nasal strips that stay on the bridge of your nose.
Internal nasal dilators , which widen your nostrils

External nasal dilators let air flow through the narrowest portion of your nose called the nasal valve. They are made up of plastic rigid that, when bent in the direction of your nose, recoil outwards by using the “springboard result” to draw the nasal passages wide.

Nasal dilators can only be effective for around 20% of snorers , however they have demonstrated great results for:

People with a deviated septum or nasal polyps
Women who are pregnant
For those with chronic sinus issues


Snoring is a complicated issue. It is very unlikely that there’s only one cause of your sleeping. In most cases, one treatment won’t 100% cure you. The most effective method to reduce snoring typically involves a mix of remedies for snoring as well as positive lifestyle changes.