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How to Choose the Perfect Live Wedding Band to Fit Your Style

A live wedding band is an essential part in wedding planning. Make sure you choose the right one.
Music can make a big difference to your day. A professional live wedding band will set the mood for the entire day.

You don’t need to be difficult to find the perfect live wedding band.

We’ve broken down your decision making process in small, digestible chunks so you can jump to the sections that most matter to you. Then, come back to this section later, when you reach that stage of the decision making.


Planning a wedding is a time-consuming task. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to create the day of your dreams. We all have to accept that costs and expenses can be difficult, but overall your vision for the day and the style you choose should reflect it.

You may not have the budget to hire a full-fledged band, such as a jazz band playing the entire day or a huge band that can be adapted to your theme. You are choosing the band just as much as you are choosing them. As such there should be some overlap between what you desire and how they perform.

However, it’s equally important that you choose a live music band who can cater to your wishes.

So, how do you go about it? In the early stages of your project, you might find yourself in a research mode and not engaged in discussions with the band. Check out their website content and the YouTube and Instagram videos to see the kind of image that they present on stage. This will allow for you to feel how they act in concert, give you an idea about their technical ability and let you know what people think of the band.

Live wedding bands are just as important as the environment, the bridal dress and flowers. Make sure you have the right band to match your theme.


Clearly define your expectations from the band. Many live weeding groups want to play an active part in the proceedings. If they are hired to play background music or announce the bride/groom at the reception, or to simply play a set and not interrupt the proceedings, then they will need to be able to communicate with and interact with the attendees. Will you like them to have an active role in getting people engaged or create a magical atmosphere that is all about the event? This will help you make the right choice.

Selecting the right music

While most brides have a general idea of the music they would like to hear, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a comprehensive playlist. Consider the band as a resource. They are more likely to be familiar with contemporary and classical music, and will know which songs can create the atmosphere you are looking for. Give them some tips and they’ll be able give you a lot of recommendations, some of which may be pleasant surprises.

Pacing matters more that it may seem. The pacing and pace of the band can make all the difference between an event moving forward or behind. You can choose to flow slowly to create a magical and timeless atmosphere, or to be fast and rhythmic to keep guests talking and move from one event after another. You should find out how the band approaches this skill, which is so often overlooked.


What are the experiences of each member? What are the members’ playing experience? What is their reputation for musicianship and performance at weddings similar to yours? You can choose the band that is most familiar with the area you are looking for, regardless of what the most important questions are.

You can also determine whether or not a band is approved by the industry and how unique they are with their presentation and style.

You might also consider a performer or artist who can bring a unique flavour to your event. Their artistry and talent will wow the attendees. However, artists as individuals are less likely that they will deviate from the artistic direction of their chosen artist. You’ll be selecting them more or not based on merits.

Aside from this, it is often a good idea not to get involved in the decision making process. It can be difficult to see the bigger picture at an early stage.


A live music booking agent is a good option, as there are many things to consider. While some might enjoy the challenge, others may prefer the freedom to focus on the details. If you feel it is an appropriate approach, you can also ask to speak with a past client. The agent will help you find the right musicians and artists for your special day, but this can be costly. This can be more expensive than you anticipated. The band booking fee will be increased by 20%. Be ready to have less intimacy and to make more decisions depending on what level you want. The trust factor is critical in any part of the process. As such, it’s important to communicate with the agency fully so that they can offer the best possible experience. Search the internet, search niche directories, or ask the venue to recommend agencies.


The best indicators of band appeal are to read past client testimonials, review social media engagement, and watch recordings of the band’s live music performances on video. As this will help you feel more secure and give you some assurance, don’t hesitate to ask for demos or references.

If you notice a negative review about the band, don’t be afraid of raising it. There might be a reasonable explanation for why that client was unhappy, but this may not apply to your situation. A long list or negative reviews should not be ignored.


You might be tempted not to book a band until last minute or afterthought, but this could prove to be costly. The bad will need to know your special requests. They may also be already booked for the season.

Start a wedding diary to ensure you don’t overlook any important aspects of the day. The band may have valuable tips or tricks that could help ease the burden of wedding planning. They might be able help you choose the right venue or arrange playlists. Communication is important. This will make it easier for you to communicate with the band.

Advance bookings might be available at a discounted price, so make sure you book well in advance.

Make sure you confirm all dates with the band, because you won’t be wasting time if there are other engagements.

If you’re having your wedding ‘outof season’, off-peak discounts are worth looking into.


You should establish your maximum budget before speaking with the band. However, you should be ready for some flexibility during early planning. It is possible that your budget does not meet your expectations. However, if you do your research you will be able to see what the average price for your particular situation is. Don’t just base your booking on the cost. In this case, however, it’s a good idea to look at other factors as well. It is important to consider when the booking will be made. This means that you should expect to pay more during peak season.

However, big name bands will usually cost more. If this is you thing, then you will probably be willing set a higher budget to hire the artist.


You don’t know what might happen. Insurance is not always an option. Always check the terms of band hire regarding deposits, refunds & cancellation fees and backup artists. This is all the fine print of band hire. While you may not need it, it’s best that you are prepared.

Band insurance protects both you and your artist from unnecessary expenditure. They also help you avoid regretting any decision you make should something happen that requires you to change the plan.


Before booking a wedding band live, it is important to first book the venue. While this is a common point, many people overlook the importance of it.

First, does the venue have enough space to host the band that you envision? A smaller venue may require a smaller line-up and may have space limitations.

Ask about the band’s technical requirements, such as if they need a backstage or rehearsal space. It is important to find out whether the venue has enough power sockets and whether there are any special lighting fixtures or equipment that they use.

Ask the band for previous experience at this venue. This is often a good way to get a better experience and a greater sense of security.

You should prepare ahead for any alcohol- or smoking-related restrictions.

Another consideration is whether the venue will be held outdoors or under a marquee. If so, there may be some restrictions.

Also, be sure to find out what parking concerns the band has. They may not be allowed to use the stage area if they are restricted by space.

Some bands will request that a banner be put up with their name or display visual imagery behind them. Make sure you cover all bases before the event.

It is important to verify that the venue is available.

You should also ask the band about whether they will be using wireless mics. Wireless mics can improve engagement with the guests.


Well done if you’ve been here all the way! Even if it’s your first visit to this section, we believe it’s a good starting point. Once all technical details have been cleared up, we’ll now look at what makes a band special, their energy.

While there are many talented bands who can cover songs for weddings. Some have their own unique musical compositions. If you have a particular artist that you want, you will probably be looking for the former. If, however, you desire the charm of a familiar tune that will bring your guests to dance, the covers group wins.

This is personal preference. It is all about what suits your style. The perfect live wedding bands are the glue that holds everything together. They add an energy and vibrancy to bring your wedding theme to life. The band’s music is a constant and will continue to flow throughout the event. You want this vibe to complement your theme, your guests, as well as your personality.

Be attentive to the band’s performance, their interaction with guests, and the energy radiating when they play your favourite music. Although this might seem like it’s all about following your heart, it’s actually the core of what bands are all about. It’s their unique musical flavor and passion that creates an unmistakable ambience that adds the je-ne sais quoi to your big day.

You should pay close attention to how the band presents themselves. The majority of bands will conform to your style but it is worth seeing them perform in their own setting. Look on the band’s website for videos of recent weddings or visit their YouTube channel.

It is also possible to observe how they interact in person with their wedding guests. This includes whether or not they use MCing as motivational tool or if it is part of their act to make announcements or introduce themselves. Some people prefer bands that don’t even have a vocalist. This allows the music to speak for themselves. In any case, the perfect live band Singapore for a wedding will exude confidence on stage and be captivating to watch.

Consider whether the DJ can be hired for an evening session. This allows the guests to party while the band plays, or if it’s necessary that the band stays on until the very early hours. The final decision will be a matter of personal taste. However, it’s important to consider the quality of a wedding DJ who can keep the crowd moving.

The combined effect of all these pieces can be an amazing experience. It is up to you to ensure that the balance is just right and to create the type of experience you desire for your guests.


How are we able to get this far, without even considering playlists? Ok, we have mentioned that the band could help you select playlists. Let’s now dig deeper.

A holistic approach to playlists is a great way to make the night memorable. It is impossible to please everyone’s musical tastes. However, it is a smart idea to meet with guests at the wedding and ask them what music they want to hear. For some fun, you might even be able to choose different types of music for the different stages of your wedding day.

While it’s not necessary to please everyone at your event, it might be beneficial to have guests participate if you have a wide range of musical tastes. Variety is the rule here. You can mix and match old and new songs for a variety of musical tastes. It doesn’t make sense for guests to be very selective about the songs they choose to play. No matter the genre, dance tunes or club favorites from any era are a must for every event. They resonate with people of all ages.


The most important song for the day is the first dance song. This song is a popular choice, so we’ve already covered them in a post. Although it can be difficult to choose the right song, because it is so important, it will ultimately be the one that matters most to you and/or your partner. Either you will know it instinctively or it’ll feel right. Whatever your feelings, you should follow your heart with this one! Make sure the band has a good understanding of it. Give them enough time to practice. This may be one of your most important memories for the entire day.

Whatever playlist you end up choosing, or what your personal preference may be, everyone should feel free to have fun, regardless of music preferences.

One final consideration is the “do-not-play” list. This includes songs you do not want to have on your big day. You may find that your playlist is too long for the time. You may need to ask a friend to help decide which songs you should omit and which songs make it into your final set. You can also keep any songs you didn’t like as backups if you make a decision.

Allow plenty of time. This may take longer than anticipated.


Then think about the sets that you would like to see the band play. The majority of bands will typically play two sets lasting approximately 45 minutes each. A short break is in between. An additional DJ or band member may be needed at these times. You can arrange for different musicians to perform at different stages on the day. This will keep your guests’ attention and keep them interested.

You may also want the wedding DJ to be switched to at the end so that the band can rest. But both having the band continue or having a reserve DJ is acceptable, as long as you plan everything accordingly.


We hope that you’re able to relax with these helpful tips about finding the perfect wedding band to suit your personal style and budget.

We encourage you select a live, professional wedding band that is flexible as well as highly skilled in what they do.

Don’t forget that this is YOUR day. Be sure they can understand your musical vision and will also share your love for certain artists, songs and tracks. It’s far easier to connect with a band and not force them to change.

Communication is key to making this experience enjoyable for everyone. Please ensure that you give all the information needed and be clear regarding payments and who does what.

Building trust can help you and your partner relax.

If necessary, you may appoint someone to act as a liaison for any last-minute band requests. You can be assured that everything will go smoothly.


It’s all about you. Your wedding day will be remembered for years to follow. The best live band for you is an integral part of this process.