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How To Wash Different Types of Fabrics

1: Cotton: High Temperature

  • Cotton is known to experience some degree of shrinkage, particularly when combined with other fibers, despite the fact that it is fairly resilient and can be washed at slightly higher temperatures, up to 40 degrees.
  • To prevent the color from fading wash cotton clothes at around 30 degrees.
  • Use warm air to gently dry the clothes. To avoid wrinkles, remove the clothes as soon as the dryer stops, hang them up, or fold them.

2: Denim: Cooler Temperature

  • Turn denim garments inside out before washing them, doing so will prevent any unwanted abrasion during the washing period.
  • It is recommended to use a delicate cycle with a cooler water temperature in order to reduce too much fading.

3: Linen: Cooler Temperature

  • The care required for linens is rather little. Wash your linen clothes with lukewarm water, then dry them by draping them over a drying rack. However, you can also dry them in a dryer, make sure to set the lowest heat temperature as much as possible.
  • Another fabric that will resist stains well is linen. As soon as you notice a stain, fix it and wash it right away.
  • In the case of wrinkles, iron them by using a low heat setting.

4: Wool: Air Dry or Hand Wash:

  • Wool is one of the most flexible textiles, but on the other hand, it is also one of the fabrics that is the most challenging to clean. It is recommended to wash wool in cool or lukewarm water by hand.
  • Wool must be hung up to dry or laid out on a towel in a flat position in order to dry properly. Any amount of heat could cause the fabric to lose its shape or shrink, depending on how much heat was applied.

5: Viscose: Hand Wash:

  • Just like wool, viscose also shrinks too much. So to avoid this, always wash viscose fabric from your hand.
  • Moreover, in the case of viscose, the most important stage is drying. Whether you choose to lay it flat or hang it up, but never put it in the dryer because doing so will shrink your clothes and make them smaller. 

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