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What are the Body-Sculpting Methods?

What exactly is what is Sculpting?

It is referred to as body contouring is a non-invasive procedure which reduces the number of fatty tissues. It also tightens the skin of specific body areas without surgery. There are many reasons why you are prone to excessive body fat. There are many reasons to blame for this, including:

Type of body
Weight loss
Sun exposure
Medical ailments

What are the Body-Sculpting Methods?

There are four common non-surgical techniques for body sculpting near me. They include:

Cold Treatments

CoolSculpting and other cold treatments like CoolSculpting make use of low temperatures to destroy the fat cells, while leaving your skin unaffected. It’s generally safe. However, it might not be the best option ideal for you if any health condition that causes you to be susceptible to cold temperatures.

Heat Treatments

Treatments for heat, such as SculpSure, on one on the other hand, utilize laser technology to specifically target fat. Although it’s extremely effective, it utilizes an applicator with a flat surface. It’s therefore not suitable for body parts with curvatures.

Ultrasound Energy

Techniques like the UltraShape utilize the energy of ultrasound. This method of body shaping is the slowest of the four methods. It is also effective for the abdomen, but it is not suitable for other body parts.

Radiofrequency Body Sculpting

Radiofrequency (RF) body sculpting utilizes radiofrequency and heat to focus on fat cells. It is accomplished through the use of a device which transmits energy waves to the body. This advanced technology comes with two main characteristics:

The energy waves are healthy and leave beneficial cells unscathed.
They target only the fat cells in your body.

The waves stimulate the fat cells, which cause these cells to heat up. The body naturally flushes away fat via lipolysis. This is the process of releasing of fatty acids by the breaking down of lipids through reactions with water. Of the four options that are available, this one is the most practical since it doesn’t require any downtime. Each session is also a very short amount of time and produces results fast. This is also the one that you can apply to a variety of body parts. You can even apply it to apply it on the face!

What is the RF Body Sculpting do for You?

The RF BodySculpting process will give you the body contour you’ve always wanted! In addition to its capability to improve skin elasticity as well, it is also able to do these things for your body:

Treat cellulite
Reduce the amount of fat
Tighten skin pre-liposuction
Smooth skin post-liposuction

The most important thing? It’s applicable to all body parts! Our patients have seen remarkable results with their:


However, you should be aware that body sculpting without surgery does not remove the fat. It’s a method that targets excess fat tissues which you aren’t able to get rid of with exercises or diet. It also doesn’t help to restore skin looseness that occurs when you experience a sudden and massive weight loss.

What Happens During the course of an RF Body Sculpting Session?

The RF body sculpting process is anywhere from 20 minute to 2 hours based upon the work you’d like to accomplish. The first step is for our professional will place an applicator directly onto the skin, above the targeted region. The applicator emits radio waves and creates an electric vacuum to heat up and breakdown the fat tissues of your body. Furthermore, the mechanical rollers connected to the device smooth as well as massage the surface while simultaneously! In addition to keeping hydrated, you do not have to be doing anything prior to and during your session. In the end, the treatment targets water within your cells, which helps flush fat from your body. This means that it isn’t as effective if you’re not hydrated.

Are you able to handle it?

Apart from a moderate , tolerable heat You won’t experience any pain or discomfort during our body Sculpting procedure. The handheld device produces mild heat and also has massage rollers that are attached. You might even like itas it mimics an enveloping massage.

What’s the timeline to follow for RF body sculpting?

The treatment produces results quickly. Within four weeks, you could already notice visible reduction in cellulite and more supple skin. And that’s not all. You might even see an increase in your waist measurement within the same timeframe! Ideally, you should attend an RFA Body Sculpting session each week for between four and six weeks. The time frame is contingent on the goals you’ve set with your dermatologist, as well as the stage at which you began. It’s also recommended to return for check-ups and maintenance every three to four months.