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Selling Your Car – What To Expect

It is becoming more popular to go car-free. It’s easier to not own a car with ride-sharing, improved public transportation systems, and a greater urban population. Do you think it is time to sell your car?
You’ve probably considered the risks of not owning a vehicle. But have you ever thought about the potential benefits? Here are our top reasons to sell you car today.
Selling your Car Benefit: It’ll Make You Healthier

Let’s face facts. You’ll probably have to walk some distances if you sell your car. However, the fresh air and exercise can do you good. Real Simple’s research shows that walking to work is better than driving. Participants also got twice as much exercise as those who drove their cars to work.

Before you ride to your favorite ridesharing app ask yourself if it is a walkable distance.

Selling Your Car Benefit: You’ll Eat Out Less

This is why it’s called a drive thru. To enter one, you must have a car. No more impromptu stops at the drive-thru for a quick shake or fries.

You will also notice a difference in your shopping experience at the grocery store. You won’t be able to carry more than one bag when you walk home. Instead, you will stock up on essentials and not fill your cart with junk food.
Selling your car benefit: You are not the chauffeur anymore

Say goodbye to one-off requests for pick-up of your second cousin at the airport. You don’t have to be the friend with a truck that helps people move. You don’t realize how often you use your car to help others until you are free from the responsibility. It can be quite liberating. Uber is the best way to help someone stuck at the airport.

Modern technology makes it so much easier to go car-less. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to sell your car. We can offer you a price for your car if you are just looking for the right buyer. In less than 24 hours, we will pick up your vehicle and deliver payment.