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10 Things You Need To Know About Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

A custom fitted wardrobe might not be your ideal choice for your bedroom. If you’re budget-conscious Flat-pack furniture could seem like a less expensive and more practical choice. But we’ve discovered through years of experience that fitted wardrobes offer the most effective solution for storage. There are 10 good reasons to consider them.

1. Cheap Price

Wardrobes that are made to be a perfect fit don’t have to be expensive. Many of the major retailers have fitted furniture available with different prices. We’re delighted to work with our customers to provide an appropriate solution to meet their budget.

2. Style Flexibility

It’s what ready-made furniture is, and it can be a problem if cannot find the furniture you’re searching for. When you buy bespoke wardrobes, the style is totally yours to choose. The only thing that can limit the design is the imagination of you.

3. Custom-fitted to fit

Older homes often have quirky corners and nooks. This could result in furniture that’s freestanding creating space instead of making it more useful. Furniture that is bespoke is created to be perfectly suited, no matter the particulars of the space.

4. Personalize Your Wardrobe

Do you want a closet with an inbuilt dressing table, as well as the space to store your hairdryer or make-up? You can get it. If you want to keep your bedroom clean and neat, this may be the ideal solution shut the door of your wardrobe and the dressing table goes away.

5. More Storage, Less Dust

The issue in freestanding closets lies with the room they take up and on either side of them. Things accumulate dust at the top and the dust that accumulates in bedrooms isn’t a good thing. Custom-designed wardrobes solve this problem by making storage space up into the ceiling.

6. Maximize Your Space

The sliding doors of bespoke fitted wardrobes provide a huge advantage in bedrooms with smaller spaces with limited space. Also, it means you’ll no longer have to be having to climb over the bed in order to leave the room after your partner has locked the wardrobe doors!

7. Don’t Forget the Corners

The different bedrooms are different in shape and sizes. Sometimes it is more sensible to put a wardrobe in the corner. With furniture designed to fit, this is not an issue.

8. Select The Depth

Freestanding wardrobes typically come in standard sizes with a depth of between 550-600mm. If you’re from the eighties , and want padding shoulders, custom wardrobes can be constructed as deep as you want!

9. Improve the value of your Home

It’s likely that you’ll need to take your wardrobes that are fitted when you relocate. The good news is that the majority of buyers are attracted by the efficiency of storage space. Custom-designed fitted wardrobes can improve worth of your house.

10. From the Contemporary to Country Cottage

The versatility of furniture that is fitted can be made to reflect the style of your house. From modern to country cottage it’s all feasible.

Bespoke is the Best

Our team here is aware that designing and fitting your furniture is only a part of the work. We’re also willing to help you with all aspects, from interior layout to the design and appearance of your doors. You can’t do the same service with flat packs!