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Advantages Of Installing An Intruder Alarm

If you’re looking to increase security for your premises An intruder alarm is vital. Installing an intruder alarm could bring the following five advantages:

Secure your business from fraud
Keep vandals out of your property
You can rest assured even when you’re away from the site
Reduce insurance premiums
The chances of the police apprehending criminals

1. Secure your business from the possibility of theft

There is always been a significant risk of burglary for people who have commercial premises. The reason for this is that the price of equipment and stock in every workplace is a major location for thieves. In many industries including manufacturing and distribution, it is among the most frequent kind of crime reported. The question is how do you guard your company from theft while you or your employees aren’t in the vicinity?

It’s an alarm system for intruders. It’s an essential element that must be considered a top important consideration for both you and your company. Here’s why:

The public appearance of alarms for commercial buildings deter thieves. Thus, you can prevent the theft in its tracks by ensuring that your property is secured.
If a burglar attempts to break into your home motion sensors will be able to detect any intruders. A sound alarm will go off and anyone in the vicinity are alerted.
The most sophisticated alarms for business systems send out an alarm to a specified person or trigger an investigation by the police. The window of opportunity for thieves is reduced.

2. Stop vandals from entering your property

The protection of your business from vandalism is equally important to deter thieves. Vandals might be determined to cause as much destruction as they can to your business. The cracks in windows or graffiti over walls can be sufficient to cause damage, but what is the outcome if they manage get inside your building?

The destruction that can be caused to your property, stock and equipment is a threat to:

Your business will be brought to a slow to a halt
Projects and delays
Reputation issues with customers

Installing an alarm system for intruders is an effective method to increase security for your company. It can help deter criminals from entering your premises. If they attempt to break into your property and gain entry the premises, the system will be able to detect their presence and alert you.

3. You can rest assured while you’re off site

Since most burglars attack at night, and often in the late at night and in the early hours that your premises are at the highest risk. Many businesses cannot afford to have a security presence all hours of the day, but alarms for intruders can provide security.

Alarm systems can be programmed to notify to you of the possibility of burglary to let you know when there’s an intrusion. Therefore, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably throughout the time your building is unoccupied.

We provide an intruder alarm monitoring service that operates 24/7. If there is an attack on your property the Alarm Receiving Centre is alerted. After confirming the signal, we will then:

Contact the designated keyholder
Send out an audio warning or challenge (speak directly from the tannoy system to alert that the intruder is to leave the property)
Start an security guard or police response to the area

This service could provide the needed peace of mind to people who live in areas that are more remote. Examples include buildings located in business parks that are located outlying. In places like these that alarms might not be heard, and burglars have more time to do their business.

4. Reduce insurance premiums

Installing an intruder alarm can enhance security at your workplace by reducing chance of an accident. In the end, you will often reduce the annual cost of insurance. The savings can be enhanced by the addition of monitoring for intrusions.

This provides an additional layer of protection to your property as it assures that someone (other the person who is intruding) knows about the breaking-in.

The amount your company can save will be determined by the provider you choose. However, it is the norm that a large portion of the expense of security systems for commercial use can be offset by savings on insurance premiums.

Have you had issues with your company in the past due to false alarms? In the event that you launch an alarm monitoring system that validates the alarm signal, you may also benefit from savings.

5. The chances of the police apprehending criminals

There are people around who might hear the sound of a criminal getting into their home and alert the police. But, it’s equally likely that an intruder could get into your home and remain undetected.

With the installation of alarms for intruders by fitting intruder alarms, you can notify everyone who is in the area to an intruder. This increases the likelihood that police will be there in time to arrest the culprit. Intruder alarm monitoring can make the chance of arrest even more. This is particularly the case for companies that have premises in areas that are less populated.

Intruder alarms can also reduce the risk of your staff being placed in danger. Police officers have been taught to handle dangerous criminals however your employees are not likely to have the same experience.

With an alarm system that is monitored, you will reduce the likelihood of staff coming across an intruder if they happen to be in the area during non-business hours. Monitoring your alarm and having the police or guard response in the meantime, will eliminate this possibility completely.