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Anti-snap locks – What are they?

People may have mentioned anti-snap locks, but they don’t really explain what they do or how to use them. It is possible that there was a break-in and that you were given recommendations to upgrade your locks. Higgins Locksmiths can help you understand what they are and how they work. This is why they are so popular and highly recommended.
No matter where your residence is located, there’s always a chance of someone breaking into it. Consider that doors are the main entry point for burglars (73%). You should ensure your doors are secure. In fact, 73% of burglars access them through the door. This is becoming the most popular entry method for houses with French Doors, UPVC, composite or UPVC conservatories.

In general, burglars will evaluate a property based on whether or not they think they can get in. Anti-theft locks are equipped with a star rating, which is also known as a kite mark’. Locks without these have a greater chance of being snapped.

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Lock snapping attacks target cylinder locks with weak centres. This involves snapping the cylinder in two using the correct amount of force. Intruders can gain access your property with this method in just 2 minutes if they have the right tools

Intruders must first take off the outer part to expose the locking mechanism. Standard UPVC door handles are usually hollow and brittle, which means that they can be broken if you apply enough force. If a burglar attempts to break into a property, they will usually remove the handle or damage it with large pliers or other similar grips. The burglar will remove the handle and then use the tools necessary to smash the cylinder in half. The broken lock can be taken out as soon as it is snapped. A small piece of metal can then be used to operate the mechanism and unlock the door.

Also, remember that while you may believe you have multiple locks on your door to keep it secure, all of them are controlled by the same cylinder. The cylinder can be compromised and the rest of your locking points will become useless.

Anti-snap cylinders are more durable than standard cylinders. This is because they have a strengthened centre. This centre is intended to prevent snapping. Some locks come with sacrificial pieces to break free from the antisnap lines. The lock does not snap at the center, leaving it vulnerable. Instead, it snaps onto the ‘antisnap’ line, securing the locking mechanism. This leaves the burglar with little choice but to abandon their efforts.

Anti-Snap locks have been widely recommended. This is due to the growing use of this method for intruders. It is well worth adding to the security of your home. There are many “anti-snap” locks on today’s market. Some are extremely secure, while others are less so. Higgins Locksmiths can help you to choose the right lock for your home and provide recommendations. As anti-snap locks can be vulnerable, it is recommended that they are fitted by a licensed locksmith. We can help you with every step of the process and make sure that your lock is correctly fitted and the right size.