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Are Conservatory Roof Blinds Worth It?

Conservatory blinds on roofs have become an increasingly popular option for UK homeowners But do conservatory blinds worthwhile when compared to other options for conservatory roofs that are available? With a variety and styles of roof-mounted conservatory blinds available, it is often difficult to choose which is the best choice for your needs. For the majority of people, the need for cover or insulation is required to protect their conservatory roof. conservatory roof blinds may appear to be the most suitable option in the midst of a huge selection. We look at conservatory roof blinds more specific detail, and offer some guidelines to help you decide.

What are conservatory blinds?

Conservatory roof blinds Winchester are basically similar to window blinds but instead than covering your windows , they protect your conservatory’s roof and help protect it from intense sunlight. Certain conservatory roof blinds claim that they also aid in the insulation of your conservatory during winter. Conservatory roof blinds are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Many individuals opt to purchase custom-made, fitted slat blinds that are placed directly under every one of your conservatory roof panels. Many opt to a more draped design that has large drapes covering multiple panels at one time. Most conservatory roof blinds on the market can be adjusted and allow you to limit your amount of sunlight that is let in to your conservatory, and also the amount of coverage you can get to any given moment in your conservatory.

Do I require blinds for the conservatory roof?

Conservatory roof blinds are an ideal option for those who discover that their conservatories suffer from the effects of heat, cold, or glare. Conservatories are often very hot during summer as the roof panels that are glazed transform the conservatory into the greenhouse. This makes it extremely difficult to use throughout the year. In winter, it’s the reverse and homeowners notice that the warmth rises into the sky, rendering the conservatory extremely cold, leading to higher energy costs in the attempt to heat your conservatory more efficiently.

It is also a common issue in conservatories – not just making it hard to read or watch television in the room however, it can also affect your furniture and leading to fading.

If you are suffering from any of the issues mentioned above inside your kitchen, you could consider that blinds for your conservatory roof could be the best choice for you.

Conservatory Roof Blinds Advantages

There are numerous benefits of installing conservatory roof blinds.


Conservatory roof blinds can provide some insulation in the interior the conservatory. The outcomes vary based on the type and style of blinds, however generally, the coverage that conservatory roof blinds give some degree of insulation. Conservatory roof blinds can go a way to stop the transfer of heat. That means that during summer months when the sun is at its peak and the conservatory roof blinds offer some shielding from heat as well as a blockage to the heat from entering your conservatory through the roof. In winter, the reverse is true – conservatory roof blinds act as an obstacle to heat from going out of the conservatory. The degree of effectiveness this “barrier” is will depend on the conservatory roof blinds you purchase.

Sun Protection

For those who suffer from excessive reflections, conservatory roof blinds are an excellent option to reduce this. Through providing a barrier to the sunlight conservatory roof blinds can help alleviate some of the problems caused by glare in your conservatory like faded furniture. If you’re using slat-style shutters on your roof, then you enjoy a great deal of flexibility when it comes to controlling your blinds throughout the day to ensure that you receive the proper amount of light. Because drape-style blinds tend to be less flexible, and typically are “on” or “off” while they can help block glare, you lose some control.

The sun’s protection can be beneficial to your appearance and also provide the benefit of UV-protection. A glass conservatory that you sit in all day long could have an adverse effect on your skin. With the majority of conservatory roof blinds, you will get an extra layer of UV protection, which helps to reduce the impact.

Pros And Cons For Conservatory Roof Blinds

While there are numerous benefits but there are some disadvantages to take into account when determining whether conservatory blinds for the roof are worth it to invest in.


If you ask anyone using any type of blind – whether windows or roofs the most difficult thing they face is, the majority of them will admit that cleaning their blinds can be a continuous source of stress. Roof blinds for conservatories are no the same. Insects and dust get caught within the blinds, and without regular maintenance and upkeep blinds for conservatories can quickly become ugly. Cleaning conservatory roof blinds may be difficult since many are custom-made, which is why hiring a professional conservatory roof cleaner generally the best option.

Feisty and delicate

Conservatory roof blinds are fragile and susceptible to breakage, composed of many small pieces such as slats, slats, and strings. If you have poor quality conservatory roof blinds, you’ll notice that you’ll require frequent replacements of the blinds in order to ensure that they function properly. Conservatory roof blinds are extremely fiddly and require adjustment during the day to ensure that you get the most light and minimal glare the process can get tedious and can take up a lot of your time.


The look of your conservatory’s roof blinds may also become problematic, especially when combined with dust and dirt mentioned above. The conservatory roof blinds are a complete ceiling covering your conservatory, so making sure they appear nice is essential for those who want to create a neat and appealing conservatory. A lot of conservatory roof blinds, especially the drape type look ugly when drawn in half and draw focus away from the conservatory itself. If you’re looking to install conservatory roof blinds it is essential to think about their design as it could result in costly If you don’t like the way they appear when they are put in.


One of the major disadvantages of conservatory roof blinds is the expense of blinds for the roof of your conservatory. Cost isn’t the main issue as conservatory roofing options are usually expensive, however the value provided by blinds for conservatories is usually the issue. Since the majority of conservatory roof blinds are specifically to order and with a lot of tiny components and mechanisms to make perfect – you’re often paying more for fitting than the actual product.

Solutions to blinds for conservatories

If you’re suffering from hot conservatories or a cold conservatory, the appearance of glare in your conservatory or even all three! You might think conservatory roof blinds can be the best solution to these issues. But when you take into account the negatives mentioned above, you could be wondering whether the conservatory blinds for roofs is worthwhile even. There are different options for conservatory roof blinds that could be more valuable and cost-effective. They are available with conservatory roofing.

Insulated conservatory roofing to replace blinds on the roof of the conservatory can be the ideal option for anyone seeking a permanent solution to the numerous issues associated with conservatories. Insulated conservatory roofing is available in a myriad of types and styles ranging from glass panels that are insulated up to a complete tiled roof. All of these options are inexpensive, but they do typically provide more value than blinds for conservatory roofs and require less maintenance.