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Buying Considerations for Bathroom Tiles

The choice of the perfect bathroom tile is an issue. There are a myriad of styles and materials, as well as different ways of installation, and various aspects.

You’re looking for something that looks appealing, but it also is designed for use in the bathroom and simple to maintain, depending on your abilities and time.

This is the ultimate guide to learn more about the various types of tiles for bathrooms. It will assist you in making the best decision to purchase the tile and also teach you the basic knowledge of maintaining and cleaning.

Before you buy tiles for Your Bathroom

You’re looking to alter the appearance of your bathroom, but the old tiles need to go. It’s time to do the bathroom to be renovated to give it a more contemporary and modern style. This task could be complicated as there are many bathroom styles that are available. The kind of tile you pick can be an issue when you begin in the search for the right tile in your space, make sure you take the time to research and determine which one is a great match for your bathroom. Start searching!

There are a few things to consider when buying Bathroom Tile

Dimension of Tile

The dimensions of the tile you use in your tub or shower area or on the walls to create a backsplash above the vanity or even on the floor can alter the appearance the bathroom. If you put a large dimension tile for a tiny bathroom, it will make it appear larger. The appearance of a bigger space, when it is not because of the reality that there are less grout lines between tiles.

Shower floors are typically ideal with smaller-sized tiles that provide more grip to your feet, as they have more grout lines. The bathroom flooring typically is constructed with larger tiles.

Tile Color

The variety and shades of colors are endless when it comes to tiles. Greens, blues, whites, blacks, tans and many more shades will leave you gazing at in awe as walk through the aisles and take a look at the variety of options. Choose the color you prefer before looking within the color palette to narrow the possibilities.

In addition, the color of grout and its thickness

The color you pick for your grout lines is equally important to determine after you have chosen which bathroom tile to choose. The dark lines between the tiles may create the patterns or variations in color within your tile stand out little more, whereas an elongated light or white grout line that runs between tiles that are closely spaced blends in with background.


Consider if you’d like a classic and traditional design or for a style with more modern and contemporary look. White tiles are timeless and an iridescent glass tile or one with bright colors can give you an extra boost when you walk into your bathroom.

Different kinds of bathroom tile

Bathroom tile is also available in a variety of kinds. In this article we will concentrate on three types of tiles: natural stone, glass as well as porcelain as well as ceramic tiles. The three kinds of tiles come with different costs and come in different styles. If you’re a fan of different colors and styles then glass tile is the right choice for you. Those who are fond of luxurious and natural materials will appreciate natural stone. Those who are on a tight budget will appreciate the strength of ceramic as well as porcelain.

Here you can find details about each kind of tile, along with their features, as well as plans for the purchase, installation and even maintenance.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is one of the oldest types of mosaic tiles that you’ll see. The ancient Greeks and Romans as well as other civilizations in The Middle East and Asia, made use of glass to enhance their home. Despite its longevity glass tile hasn’t become outdated. In the 21st century glass tile remains an affordable, fashionable and practical choice for backsplashes, bathroom walls and shower/bath tiles.

The characteristics of Glass Tile

Design: Glass tile is available in an almost limitless assortment of shapes and colors. Transparent, semi-transparent or transparent matte or shiny, in every shade of rainbow. Whatever your preferred design, it is probably available on glass tiles.
Glass tiles are suitable for bathrooms. They are impervious to humidity, staining, moisture and mold.
It is durable glass tile is renowned for its strength and durability. Although it’s susceptible to scratches, it’s general resistant to breaking and marks of usage.
Easy to maintain: Due to its toughness glass is easy to maintain and clean. The standard mild surface cleaner can be used.
Cost-effective Glass is beautiful but affordable material due to the fact that it is simple to make.

You are planning to purchase a glass tile

In the event that you do not have a particular style that you are looking for, you have to begin by deciding the kind of tile you’d like for your walls. Do you want something simple and minimal or something more dramatic and dark?

The first thing to determine the area you intend to cover with glass tiles. It will help determine the expense of the whole project.

Once you’ve got the size of the floor and the measurement, you can begin exploring tiles that will fit your budget.

How to Clean Glass Tiles

Glass tile is simple to clean. There is nothing special to clean it; just a mixture of water and soap or, better yet vinegar and water in the form of a spray bottle can be used. Spray, rub with a soft bristle to remove grout and stains (always gentle in order to keep from scratching) and wipe clean.

The advantage of the glass tiles is it’s not porous. This means that it isn’t able to take on stains or liquids. All you have to do is take it off with a cloth.

Natural Stone Tile

If you are looking for more of a natural style, neutral natural stone could be the perfect option for your bathroom tile. It is made from natural stone that is then polished and sealed to ward off humidity, stains and mold, the stone tiles have a stunning design that can’t be overlooked.

Natural stone tile comes with a lot of benefits for bathrooms.

Specifications from Natural Stone Tile

Natural materials A natural, neutral style that is loved by people who appreciate traditional, modern and contemporary design.
Beautiful patterns Natural patterns: The patterning of the stone is kept and gives your space an individual look.
Durability Stone is naturally tough when used for flooring or for walls.
The variety of natural stone tile is available in a variety of kinds of materials like marble, travertine slate, granite limestone and sandstone. Some of them are not suitable for bathrooms. You should consult an expert before making that decision.

Designing for your natural stone Purchase

If you’ve decided to go with the natural stone option you must make a plan for your purchase. First, you must get an idea of what design and color you’d like. Bring color chips to get ideas along to the store along with the overall area you intend to cover.

Granite and soapstone make excellent options for bathrooms since they are more resistant to stains than other stone types like slate or marble. But, every stone will require at the very least some maintenance and cleaning.

Stone tile is also available in rectangles or squares generally sold per square foot. Granite and marble are offered at the top of the scale; for lower costs, choose the travertine.

Installing Stone Tile

Stone tile is installed using grout, or with no grout. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert to ensure that you install your stone correctly since different types of stones are installed in the same way.

Cleaning Stone Tile

Every stone requires a specific type of cleaning procedure. The more porous stones, like soapstone and marble require regular sealing treatments to make them resistant to humidity and staining.

Ask a professional regarding your stone tile to ensure you’re making use of the right cleaner. Some cleaners can harm stones.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

One of the advantages of ceramic and porcelain tile is the cost. For those who have a modest budget and fancy tastes ceramic or porcelain may be the ideal option.

Ceramic and porcelain are available in a myriad of styles, colors and textures. They’re as versatile as they are beautiful and are ideal for the moist and humid environment of bathrooms.

Specific characteristics that are characteristic of Porcelain Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile

Affordable Tiles: You’ll not be breaking the bank with these tiles.
Fashionably versatile: Any interior style is compatible with porcelain. Traditional, rustic, modern, contemporary, eclectic, Asian, etc. All can benefit from the appearance of ceramic and porcelain.
Ideal for bathrooms Ceramic and porcelain are water- and scratch- and stain-resistant.
Focus or accent: Whether you’re planning to accent a wall or floor, porcelain and ceramic can do the trick.

You’re Organizing For Your Porcelain and Ceramic Purchase

Like always, start with a design and color. The great thing about ceramic and porcelain is that they are available in a variety of styles, from white-marble to dark and dark.

Then, measure the area to be covered and calculate the price per square foot.

Installation of your Porcelain Or Ceramic Tile

Installing the tile you just bought is straightforward, but it’s equally simple to make mistakes. Be sure to know how to put in your ceramic or porcelain tile correctly.

If you’re there’s a doubt, don’t be scared to seek out your DIY-savvy friend or neighbor or even hire an expert. Sometimes, it’s worth some help if wish to get the most value for your money.

Cleaning Your Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile is simple. But, cleaning supplies and methods differ based on whether the tile is unglazed or glazed therefore, you must are aware of which type before you start.

How to Select Bathroom Tile

When you are looking for new tiles for your bathroom Don’t let the plethora of choices and prices set your mind in a state of panic. Be patient and select the tile that matches your style, won’t break your budget, is compatible to the rest of your house’s decor, and gives the style you want. Consider asking yourself some questions to assist you in determining the best tile for your home:

What’s the rest of Your House Look Like?

Make sure to take a look at your entire home It is recommended to stay within the same design and tone and tones, so that your new bathroom blends in instead of becoming the source of “what did I do?” every time you step in. Unless you plan to renovate your home and have an entirely new style to go with the new bathroom, you should plan to design it exactly the design of your house so that it blends into the surroundings and offer more value for resales down the future should the time comes to decide on selling.

How long do you plan to stay in your current location?

The replacement of tiles in the bathroom is costly. Consider whether you’ll be staying for the long-term or short-term in your house, since it could impact in determining how much you’re willing spend on upgrading the bathroom.

Where to Buy

Bathroom tiles near me are available at a variety of places in tile stores, home improvement stores producers, flooring and tile specialty stores, as well as online stores. The selection of tiles available is personal preference and the ability to see tile in person gives you an chance to check out the quality, colors, and selection of materials. It is also possible for a match with the other tiles which will be utilized in various rooms of the bathroom. It is possible to visit an exhibition space and look at examples of bathroom remodeling ideas as well as talk to an expert on design can be invaluable for remodeling.

Ask questions and compare prices with different stores and online retailers while you search for the best bathroom that is perfect for you or your bathroom. This is something you’ll cherish for years to come.