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Choosing a London man with van service

Are you looking to save money on your move by hiring a man and a van? Here are some key questions.
Moving house? You might believe hiring a man with his own van is the best way to move your belongings.

It is important that you find all the information that a man and his van provide. This individual will be moving all of your possessions. Therefore, you must be certain that your items arrive safely and that no hidden fees will apply.

We have collected the top questions you should ask any man who is considering hiring a van driver to move your home.

Quote for House Removal

Is the quote fixed? Ask if your man with van has given you a fixed price. It won’t go up when you have to pay for your move. It is important to be aware of any additional costs, such a waiting time or petrol costs.

How much will I have to pay? What is the cost of my move? It is vital that you understand if your move will come with an hourly charge. If your item moves slowly, it could increase the cost. Traffic issues and waiting for the keys may cause delays.
What will they do with my items? A pre-move inspection is essential to ensure that the correct vehicle and personnel are available for your move. A pre-move survey allows the man driving the van to assess the number of items you are moving to your new place. He can also flag items that may require specialist equipment (e.g. pianos).


Will you be using a suitable vehicle? It will increase your confidence that the movers arrive in a big enough vehicle. The VOSA may pull over an overweight vehicle and have it impounded. Also, ensure the van is in good repair.

Do you think the house moving will take more than one trip. This will depend upon the size and weight of the vehicle. While it may not prove to be a problem to travel multiple times locally, ensure the quote is accurate. If you are moving across a large distance, this may not be an issue. So make sure to know all details about your moving day.

Moving Team

How many people can I expect to work on my move. It may not be possible to move all the contents of a large home if you have a single man and a van team.

What uniforms will the moving team wear? You want to feel at home with the moving crew, since they will be moving your stuff around.

What if I’m not able to lift the van myself? If you are the only person in the man with the van team, it may be necessary to assist with loading and unloading. Ask your movers to let you know if this is something that you will need to do before you go.

Equipment and Additional Services

Will protective covers need to be used? Professional removal companies will use specialist equipment for your protection during your move. Find out the equipment that your man with van London has, and whether they are available for your house removal.

Are boxes included in the packing? This information is necessary to ensure that you have enough time to buy or collect the boxes.

Can you arrange parking permits for your vehicle? Parking restrictions may apply to the area you live or move to. You’ll need to get parking permits for the vehicle being moved. Many removal companies will do this for your benefit, so ask your man with his van if he can assist you in obtaining parking permits.

Information for Company

Is it possible to see your insurance documents? You should know how much removals insurance your man-with-a-van has to cover your move. However, most home insurance policies do not cover loss or damage during a move. This is only true if you have hired a professional.

Are there any customer reviews? If you have any customer reviews, it will help you determine which company to use.