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How to choose living room furniture

We are being forced to reflect on what it means to live in our living rooms due to current circumstances. The living room was once where we would spend an hour or two after work. It was also where we could get our morning coffee and exercise. You should choose furniture that makes you feel happy and at ease. This guide is for furnishing a stylish and comfortable living space that is also practical.
The kitchen has taken over the claim of being the heart of the home from the living room. These two rooms have become more of a part or partner to each other. When choosing living room furniture, you should consider how these spaces interact. In order to make your kitchen more functional, you may want to add lights or curtains to the room. Meanwhile, the living space will need to be able to host the main dining and possibly even the work area. table. I used hardwood flooring to connect the two rooms in my own house.

When it comes to living room furniture, the sofa would be my first choice. You have to find a comfortable place to rest your head, and everything else can wait until you find the right piece. Contrary to other furniture, I wouldn’t begin bargain-hunting for a sofa on Ebay. Some sofas made in the 20th century are filled with foams and fillers that can cause sagging and fabric discolouration. You can also find great sofa beds and other sofas on the high streets.

Sofas can be a nuisance and take up a lot of space. Avoid sofas if you have confined living spaces. If you are more like a percher or a lounger than you should be, then you can go with the more elegant, upright shapes inspired by mid-century modernism.

The sofa should be placed where you are most comfortable sitting. It should be placed where the sun slants in. I lived in a flat that didn’t feel right. This was due to draughts, doors, and human traffic. Do not think too much about it. You will naturally gravitate to the spot you like and end up there anyway. You can listen to your body and move the couch to a spot where you’ll actually be able to sit.

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Now you need to determine the dimensions that are ‘just right for the rest of the pieces. A coffee table should be a minimum of two feet in width and height. Find any spaces where storage may fit. Take note of the standard heights for tables and coffee tables: 75cm for a dinner table, and 40cm if you are looking for a coffee or table. This will help to avoid any scale errors (a big risk when buying furniture online). Scale drawings can be used to model the room. For a more realistic layout, you can even use masking tape or paper to test the dimensions of furniture.

How much space you have will reflect your personality. Is this someone you will be using the space to read a book or have a glass of wine? If you are, then you’ll need a sidetable to place your glass and a lamp (floor or table), to read.
Here’s a basic guideline for furnishing a living area
Other seating

Once the sofa is down, think about other seating that you can fit into the space. A daybed or cozy armchair could be a great choice. You might also consider window benches or seats if your bay window is large enough. To add elegance, I recommend breaking up the bulky upholstery with one hard piece like a bench or little chair. (See an example below). Rita Konig, a columnist on the subject, advises that you keep the arrangement loose and have fun putting them together. For a balanced look, avoid using softness as a means to break up vertical lines or hard surfaces (lamps and tables work well for this). ‘.

Coffee table or upholstered ottoman

A coffee table or ottoman is essential for the center of your space. You can add a tray to upholstered pieces so that they are more useful for holding cups and flowers. Also, look out for coffee tables with drawers underneath or low shelves.

There’s a lot to talk here about – how to dress different window styles and how to arrange the textiles correctly – but I will tell you that there is a basic formula to ensure your fabric choices are successful.
1. Keep the palette limited to three or more colours
2. Select two plain fabrics
3. Mix with something like a stripe or a small-scale pattern.
You can always ask for help if you are unsure. It won’t look bad and it won’t be difficult. Rugs can also help to pull together a scheme. Many people prefer to avoid large, figurative designs because it can be distracting to walk on top a huge picture. For me, the priority would be colours I like.

A table can be placed next to any type of seating. They can also be used to break up larger spaces. For example, a table behind the sofa or a desk in an area with a lamp can be beautiful. It’s easy to find antique side tables and tea table with lots of character. These tables are more popular with designers who use flame or scallop tops, bobbins barley-twists and/or zig-zags. It would be foolish to miss this chance to add a touch of flair.
Lighting and lamps

For atmosphere, lighting is crucial. Wall lights are great for evening mode. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of having an electrician come out, you have many options. You can simply plug in your regular electrical outlet and attach the wall yourself. Consider lampshades with gold card in the interior for a beautiful evening glow.
Art, plants, and other items that add character

While art is a wonderful way to add ambience to a room’s atmosphere, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. I would recommend that you look for large coffee table books featuring illustrations or photographs, either from second hand bookstores or publishing houses like Rizzoli and Taschen. While they might seem expensive, large Taschen volumes can hold hundreds of artworks. Use a scalpel to carefully remove the pages. Then frame them to make a gallery wall. Download pieces from our printable series Things to Put in frames. For spring, add scented bulbs to the garden and choose low-maintenance flowering plants such as geraniums. Use old scented candle containers as temporary bulbs pots.
Shelves and storage

You don’t have to hurry, these are all nice additions – side tables, coffee tables, and even a corner chair – It is not necessary to rush to get built-in storage. Keep these dimensions in your wallet and you might find an antique that is just right for you. I, like many others these days tend to be glued to my computer and watch TV. However, I do know I have never seen a hide-the-telly solution that I loved.