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Is it Worthwhile Using Crystal Palace Estate Agents?

In times of economic hardship, most people are seeking to reduce expenses in every way that they are able to. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home it is likely that you will be seeking the most lucrative prices you can find.

There is no doubt that you could market your home or search for an apartment on your own. However, unless you are able to make home buying or listing your property your full-time occupation. Estate agents Crystal Palace are likely to be able to connect your needs with the perfect buyer (or the perfect house for you if you’re seeking to purchase) significantly faster and with greater ease. In this week’s blog, we’ve listed the top five advantages that an estate agent can provide.

Higher chance of success of sale

The best interest of both parties

High street agents receive commissions upon the selling the property. In this case, they may receive 2% on the purchase price.

Multiple listing service

Any estate agent you employ you choose, they’ll be able to access more listing options than you on your own. This means that they will be more visible which could result in the sale quicker than if you did not have an agent.

Experience and techniques for marketing

Real estate agents are aware of the most effective and up-to-date strategies for marketing in the sale of houses.

Access to buyers

Realtors often assist sellers as well as buyers so they are able to connect to a vast network of qualified buyers , and are likely to meet with prospective buyers on a regular basis.

Your home’s design and style

An estate agent who is experienced will assist in highlighting the most important and distinctive characteristics of your property that they are aware that buyers in the neighborhood are searching for. They could highlight features that have been in use for a while or valid planning permissions for works that are not completed, such as an extension at the rear.

Local local knowledge

If you pick an estate agent in your area who specializes in your particular area they’ll know which properties are in the market as well as the ones that are being sold and who’s selling. An experienced agent will make use of the knowledge and experience gained to show your home’s value for those who are who are most likely to purchase. Keep in mind that it is in the best interest of the agent to offer viewings to customers who are likely to make buying and willing to pay for the asking price or more.

There are no kinks in the chain

You can benefit from the middleman service that is provided by an agent for high-street sales which reduces stress and the time it takes to sell. The majority of high street agents have sales staff to serve as the middleman following an offer has been accepted. This involves negotiating with the other chain members as well as any solicitors that are in between. A real estate agent online, is, however can’t contact an attorney for the buyer during the negotiation stage which could slow the process.

Peace of mind

Professionally organised processes

Many buyers and sellers would like their process to be professional to make the transaction as smooth as is possible. Working with professional estate agent can help make both buyers and sellers at peace.

Protection against fraud

A professional on the high street will “vet” both sides and gain understanding of how serious the prospective buyer is. Agents on the high street usually check the background of potential buyers, as well as specifics of their past viewing history and usually accompany inspections. An experienced agent will be at the forefront of the most recent laws and regulations regarding the selling of houses, which means you’ll be able to leave the difficult issues to the experts.

They handle marketing and watching

Selling your home in conjunction with your other obligations in your day can be a daunting and stressful job. When you employ agents for estates, they can manage advertising and organizing viewings on your behalf. It is, after all, an essential part of their task!

Look for signs of potential issues.

Expert real estate agents are able to identify and address issues that you might not have noticed on your own.
Greater likelihood of selling at the correct price

Professional negotiation

As we said earlier the estate agent you choose to work with is a professional who has plenty of experience with these kinds of transactions and meetings. They are able to eliminate the emotions from the selling process and give an objective opinion on all aspects of the procedure, and also deal professionally with buyers.

Incentive to offer the product at a premium price

The commission that your estate agent receives upon the selling the home will amount to an amount equal to the purchase price.
Expertise in the industry

Price guide

The estate agents are well-versed in the market conditions and they will advise you on when to accept an offer, and the best time to increase your offer. It is not necessary to depend on word of mouth or other online sources.

Access to professional network

It is possible to tap into the real estate agent’s network of professionals in the industry like quantity surveyors and solicitors. This can be helpful in making a decision on what repairs or upgrades are worth the expense in order to present your home and increase the likelihood of a successful selling price.


Your estate agent will assist you through the apprehensive amount of paperwork required for selling your property. They will give you advice regarding what you need you need to know about.

There are no upfront costs

Commission fees are contingent upon the successful sale to the property. It is very unlikely to find a service for listing that does not require an upfront payment to put your home for sale.