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This is Why You Should Use A Cardiff Removals Service

Are you moving with ornamental furniture pieces? If so you’re probably asking what you could do with moving them yourself. That’s not a surprise given that moving can be an extremely costly undertaking.

However, there are a few negatives of moving these items without the help of a professional moving company. That is why to assist you in deciding if you would prefer to do it yourself when it comes to transporting your furniture pieces that are luxurious and attractive pieces, we’ve come out with a list of its pros and cons.

What qualifies as decorative furniture?

Before we go over the advantages and disadvantages of moving decorative furniture, it is best to make a clear distinction regarding what can be classified as such. According to the definition, decorative or accent piece of furniture is furniture that enhances the room’s decor while being distinctive simultaneously.

In addition to function, decorative furniture’s primary function is to create an element of interest in the living space. To put it simply the use of decorative furniture is to add colour and life to an interior space. It can come in the form of a large heavy piece of furniture, a chair with an impressive profile or color such as a vintage chest, an unassuming table as well as a set or frames for pictures, or a piece of art, and many others.

The Alternative is: A Removals Company

It’s important for you to understand just how exactly the alternative option functions. In this way, you’ll be able precisely determine the best way to need to move your items.

Removals companies provide relocation services for those who want to move house or offices regardless of whether local or long-distance. A majority of moving companies provide full-service moving that includes, aside from the transportation of your belongings from one location to another You can also count on them for:

Packing materials
Disassembly and packing of items
Reassembling, unpacking and organization of your belongings
Temporary storage storage for removal

Since they’re skilled and knowledgeable in the transportation of every kind of furniture you can trust them to handle your luxury and decorative objects, along with your other possessions, with the greatest attention to detail.

They’ll also have the necessary equipment to make sure that your expensive pieces of handcrafted furniture stay in perfect condition throughout the move. Additionally, you can rest assured that if the fruits of your sweat, blood tears and work become damaged due to their supervision, you’ll receive a fair amount for the repair or replacement of your items.

Simply put, a removals Cardiff company can make the removal process quick, easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of moving decorative furniture Pieces Yourself


You’ll Never Have To Pay to get professional assistance

There’s something unpleasant about having to pay for a service that you and your buddies can perform yourself. Why should you pay someone else to do it when you can just purchase pizza for your friends and a beer to do the same thing?

You’ll Have Complete Control

You’ll be able move on your own terms time, pace, and schedule. In the absence of restrictions and limitations that would have otherwise been set by the service contract with your removals firm You will be in charge of the whole moving process. There is no need to pay extra in the event of any delays!

This also means that you don’t be worried about your decorative pieces or accessories being displaced when they are unloaded in the new house. You’ll know exactly where it is going to be when it’s all unloaded, providing that peace of mind you deserve.

No Need To Worry About Transferring Your precious possessions to strangers

While professional movers are proficient and knowledgeable in handling all kinds of furniture, you have to deny that handing off your most valuable furniture pieces to a total stranger will cause you to feel nervous and uneasy.

In coordinating and managing all aspects of the moving process yourself, you don’t have to endure a lengthy drive wondering how the removalists are managing your beloved velvet sofa.


You’ll be more hands-on, and Therefore, More Stressed

Since you’ll be responsible for all aspects of planning organising and lifting heavy There’s a lot to worry about. This includes:

Identifying the best way to safeguard your valuable and fragile possessions during the relocation.
Finding an appropriately sized moving truck that you can hire.
Purchasing boxes and packing materials.
Recruiting people to help you in the process of moving.
Plan how you will load your items into the truck for moving.

Why go through the effort of doing all that when you can pay someone else to do it?

There is a high Risk Of Damage To Your Decorative Furniture Pieces

As already mentioned, most of these ornaments are precious and fragile. They’re things you would not want to risk damaging or losing. When you decide to move these items by yourself, though you’re actually put them at risk.

After all, you wouldn’t have the mastery of moving and transporting antiques and fine art, glass furniture or the like. Additionally, you have to be aware that when you move these items yourself, you are also obligated to purchase an additional insurance policy for transit.

This means that if you do not or don’t purchase transport insurance for your items and it is not, you’ll be responsible for repairs or refinishing expenses yourself.

It’s Going to Be Physically Demanding

Again, you will perform most of the lifting. You’ll also be at risk for moving-related physical injuries, like back discomfort, bruises and cuts, muscle cramps and other injuries, inguinal hernias joint pain and more. Yikes!

You’ll Never Actually Save You Money

Yes, you read it right! It’s not as if it’s impossible that you could do everything by yourself, it’s likely would not be as effective as you think it would.

The cost of fuel and van rental alone will put you out a few hundred pounds! Think about the amount of boxes and packing materials would cost you if your don’t have the effective packing skills that a professional moving company would!

This decision is entirely up to you. In the end, only you can decide what’s best for you and your most precious and valuable items. Be sure to evaluate your choices based on your preferences and lifestyle prior to making your decision.