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Top Reasons To Call In Professional Office Cleaning Services

Are you unsure if hiring a team of professional cleaners is the right choice for your company? To provide you with thoughts Here’s a list of three benefits you could expect from a trustworthy and professional company.

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What are the benefits of hiring a professional kontor rengøring Company?

1. Keep High Levels of Productivity

Cleanliness in the office is essential for maintaining the high productivity of your office. The level of productivity at your workplace may drop due to various factors, including inadequate design, inefficient storage and a dirty environment.

A messy and untidy workplace can be a major distraction. Do you realize that when interrupted, “it takes an average of 25 minutes before returning to work after interruptions”? But, it’s not the most difficult part “a average office employee has only 11 minutes between every interruption”.

It is also worth considering the health risks of messy workplaces. Many businesses are considering changing their office space to lessen the amount of sick days that employees have to take throughout the year but did you know that diseases like flu can persist on unclean surfaces for a long period of time? To keep your productivity high, it is essential to ensure surfaces in your workplace such as desks and keyboards are clean and free of dust to prevent spreading harmful bacteria and viruses.

2. Make sure that your employee’s well-being

Alongside maintaining high levels of efficiency Cleaning the office can aid in maintaining good employees’ health. Your employees are the mainstay of your company, and it’s vital that they’re doing their best.

If it is not kept clean and tidy Your workplace could become an environment for bacteria, such as E-coli and Staphylococcus as per an investigation by Dr Charles P Gerba from the University of Arizona, office desk phones were found to be home to “over 25000 organisms per square”. Did you know that “the average desk has four times the amount of bacteria as an typical toilet chair?”.

However, germs aren’t the only risk to the health of your employees and well-being; you must take into account the risk of dust. The term “dust” is a broad term used to describe a variety of pollutants that are present in the air that are usually so tiny that they are not visible to anyone with a naked eyesight. It could comprise things like dead skin cells from animals microorganisms, pollen, microscopic organisms or even small fragments of rock. If you inhale an enormous dust particle it’s likely to become stuck in your mouth or nose, and being able to be exhaled or swallowed, usually causing absolutely no harm. However, smaller particles could be absorbed into the lungs and ultrafine particles may be absorbed into blood circulation. This could cause a wide range of health issues , such as sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, as well as respiratory issues like asthma.

It’s not just bugs and viruses that you need to be aware of small tasks like frequent dusting of the office can have a major impact on your employees particularly those with allergies or asthma.

3. Make Use Of The Experienced Professionals

Although it’s true that staff members is able to quickly clean their workspace and maintain their work environment, each minute they are spending cleaning their workplace is an hour they’re not completing the task they’re paid to do. Instead, let your employees to concentrate on their work and enjoy the benefits and advantages of employing experienced professional cleaners. As a customer you’ll attend an annual meeting with your manager for your area and our managers will be meeting with your team of cleaners every month at least once and ensure that our high standards are met throughout the duration of your contract. In addition, we do not believe in locking clients to lengthy contracts. We’re confident in our abilities and the capabilities of our team. Our staff won’t be making up new things to clean or cleaning carpets even if it’s not in need of cleaning is just is a waste of money. To keep things simple We offer an easy to comprehend 30-day rolling agreement.

A Cleaning Company Who Cares About The Environment

We are aware of how important it is to protect the environment. As a business that specializes in cleaning we are aware that our actions can have the potential for causing adverse environmental effect. If you choose an expert cleaning service that we provide we can assure you that the cleaning materials and processes have been their environmental impacts carefully assessed. Green thinking is the basis of our business We fully comprehend our obligation to the planet We cut down on our carbon footprint by selecting local suppliers and avoiding unnecessary travel, we utilize concentrated , environmentally friendly cleaning solutions whenever we can, and buy biodegradable and recycled consumables as well as participate in recycling and waste removal projects.