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What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Are you new to shutters made of plantation and want to know more? In this article we’ll explain everything you should learn about plantation shutters, the benefits they bring and the various types of shutters available and the process to order shutters.

What do you mean by plantation shutters?

Bespoke plantation shutters are wood blinds with slats, which are placed within their own frame that are attached to the sill of your window and door frames. The slats – sometimes called louvres can be adjusted from fully closed to completely open and can be angled in any direction which allows you to regulate the flow of light and air through the space.

Where do shutters for plantation come from?

Plantation shutters originate in Southern USA, where shutters were commonly installed on mansions situated on sugar and cotton plantations. The actual roots of these shutters can be traced in Ancient Greece and Medieval times when solid shutters constructed from materials such as marble and wood were installed on buildings for the security they provided against weather and security.

What are the advantages of shutters made from plantation?

Plantation shutters are among windows dressing options that is the most adaptable available on the market. They also are superior to blinds and curtains due to a variety of reasons.

They can enhance sleep. Through the complete closing of the slats, shutters reduce light pollution within the space, giving you uninterrupted sleep throughout the night and during the day which makes them the most popular option for bedrooms and nurseries.

They are a great way to keep your privacy while preserving light. Contrary to roman blinds or curtains which you have to completely pull back to let light in and rob the space of privacy, shutters offer an ideal combination of the two. By moving the slats up and down shutters block passers-by from seeing into your space, but let light flood into the space.

They are known to keep heat inside the room. Close your shutters to reduce drafts through doors and windows, which makes them a great choice for single-glazed.

They cut down on noise pollution when they are closed and reduce the noise of traffic and the hustle and bustle. They are an ideal choice for those who live in cities.

They permit ventilation, without compromising security or privacy. In hot weather windows and slats could be kept opento allow air to circulate in the space while still ensuring the privacy and security of pets and children.

They can increase the value of the property. Plantation shutters in homes provide the appearance of a property that is well-maintained and attract more prospective buyers.

They are visually stunning and are a perfect match for any era building. Plantation shutters work well for any property starting from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian houses, through the the 1930s, 50s and 60s and up to the latest constructions.

What is the material that plantation shutters are composed from?

We have four kinds of plantation shutters that will meet the needs of every space and budget. They are all made with your preferences in mind. Thus, you’ll be able to locate low-cost shutters for plantation and more costly models on Shutterly Fabulous.

Affordable Basswood Available in a wide range, Basswood is among the cost-effective wood we can offer. It is the best choice if you’re looking for a low-cost shutters for plantation. It’s extremely sturdy, characterized by a fine grain, which gives an even finish when painted. For conventionally shaped windows Basswood is an excellent option and looks timeless when painted in classic neutrals, whites, and greys.

Classic Poplar Wood Classic Poplar Wood Poplar wood can be described as a rapid-growing wood with a smoothand consistent grain. It’s durable, beautiful and light, making it the ideal material for shutters that are hung over large windows and doors. Every shape of window is possible to make using Our Classic Poplar Wood range, and we offer a selection from a variety of stains and paints to create the perfect appearance.

Premium Elm Wood The natural rich texture of Elm wood creates a refined natural wood appearance to any room. It is which is best enhanced when paired by one of our luxurious stained finishes available in a range of colors. We offer our Premium Elm Wood range provides an exquisite look that can be customized to order for any size windows or doors.

Waterproof Polyvinyl Ideal for bathroom and kitchen windows that are close to water sources The Polyvinyl range is water-proof and indestructible to water. Durable and long-lasting These shutters are ideal for high-traffic areas like playrooms or commercial settings.

What styles do plantation shutters come in?

There are three primary designs to keep in mind when choosing shutters for plantation to meet particular light or privacy requirements.

Plantation shutters that are full height encompass the entire window and offer clean lines, and a minimalist design. In many instances full height shutters may be equipped with a middle-rail to improve its versatility and benefit, like splitting the way in which slats work.

Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are among the most flexible of types. They’re fitted with an upper and lower panel and a lower one that can be closed and opened in a separate manner to the other. As an example the upper set of shutters may be closed while the lower set could be closed. Typically, they are seen on bay windows, but also available for all types of windows It is a fantastic alternative for windows where you want to have a high degree of privacy and control over light is required all through the day.

Cafe-style plantation shutters can be fitted only to the lower half of the windows. They are beneficial in that they allow light to be able to pass through the top of the window at all times of the day. However, they ensure privacy in the lower portion, which is great to use when sitting at a table, for instance.

They are best in cozy interiors. They are solid with their style, and offer absolute privacy when shut. They serve as an additional protection against weather and noise giving you the ultimate in comfortable and secure living space.

Do shutters made of plantation come in other colors?

Absolutely, yes. Plantation shutters can be purchased in any shade or assortment of stains. We have a variety in timeless hues and stains for no additional cost. Also, we can color match shutters with any shade of our Farrow & Ball or Dulux Trade color palette with an additional 10% discount on the price. Colored shutters make a fantastic accent to any space, and shutters made of Silk White, Dove or Alabaster shutters are timeless and stylish.