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Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Carpets

Today, I’m answering the question: is it worth the cost of professional carpet cleaning services in Solihull?

YES! it’s definitely worth getting the carpets cleaned professionally. It eliminates germs, removes smells, and prolongs the life the carpet. In addition to the benefits to hygiene and health after clients have seen what they get, they often would have done it earlier!

The reason it’s so important to have professional cleaning of your carpets

Your carpet is awash with approximately 3 kg of grime, dirt hair and dead skin each year. In time, this can alter the pH of your carpet from a moderately acidic state to an alkaline state. In this state, your carpet becomes dirty faster and loses its bounce and fluffiness, causing it to be crushed and matted.

What happens

If not treated, the build-up of these residues as well as the slowly but steadily mattification of carpet could cause damage to its condition to the degree where cleaning won’t bring back its softness and it is left to be broken. If you get your carpet professionally cleaned, you can reset the timer on the carpet’s degrading and bring it back to its slightly acidic condition that protects it from staining and make it soft and bouncy.

How can you prevent it ?

Regular vacuuming is beneficial, and the more you use it, the less particles settle and adheres to the carpet. This will help your carpet to resist matting. It will also allow minor spills to be cleaned off much more easily. But to actually lift the dirt that is deep beneath the carpet and break down the oily residues that have built up, you’ll need commercial cleaning chemicals and steam extraction to bring about a change.

What professional carpet cleaners do

Our products are tailored for the type of carpet and the level of dirt. we spray the chemicals on and let them work for about 15 minutes before being removed by the steam cleaner.

The chemicals serve a variety of purposes. They dissolve and remove oil and dirt from carpet fibers, they cleanse and remove odors with antimicrobial substances and help to make steam cleaning more efficient.

The most reputable carpet cleaners have a selection of stain-removing chemicals. It is important to emphasize reputable as the cheaper ones usually contain a couple of chemicals, if they have there are any. For instance, a Klever carpet technician has chemicals to remove grease, paint, oil watermarks, rust marks staining vomit such as feces, wine the red wine cordial tea, and a myriad of other kinds of stain.

Another reason why people are drawn to the professional cleaning of carpets is that the steam from our machines work similar to how hot water cleans your dishes. The heat from the steam melts stubborn stains as well as older food spills. It also serves as a stimulant to chemical reactions that take place that help us remove the stain from carpet.

If we combine moisture and heat along combined with the suction power of our machines , we can dissolve, break apart and remove some extremely unpleasant things that no DIY home-cleaning solution can beat.

Finally, the aroma and feeling of your home after a clean carpets is unbeatable. If you remember when you last went through an enormous spring clean, and cleared away all the dust, and then tidy your home. Consider the experience and add 25%. This is the bonus for clean carpets.

Conclusion about Professional Carpet Cleaning

In the end the point, the professional cleaning of your carpet is an excellent choice because it protects the investment you have made in your carpet by prolonging its life. It ensures that your home is kept clean and tidy, and keeps the area fresh, smells and feels fresh and fresh even if you have pets or have children making an obnoxious mess.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning Solihull, contact our team today.