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Tips for hiring a Technical Recruiter

Human Resources’ role has been recognized for its importance over many years and continues to grow in business. A key part of a company’s success is recruiting, especially in IT. A technical recruiter must have a solid understanding of the technology and their use in software development. Technical recruiters aren’t necessarily coders. They are often required to present certificates and other achievements that prove that they are knowledgeable in the technology world. Additionally, they must be qualified to assess the soft skills and overall fitness of a candidate. How do you hire a technical recruitment specialist who is both technically proficient and has great interpersonal skills? What are the main problems with technical recruiting? Continue reading and you’ll find helpful tips from one IT recruitment company.

What you should know about technical recruiting

Why do we believe that technical hiring is so crucial for your business?

It is a fact that technical recruiters are only truly skilled if they have both the hard and the soft skills. They are experts in evaluating essential soft skills, such as creativity, risk-taking, critical thinking and creativity. Tech recruiters can help you determine the right skills to use when looking for a job as a junior or senior worker at a startup or large conglomerate.

Technical recruiters are able to provide valuable advice by asking the right question and playing out different work scenarios to gain a better understanding of the candidate. A technical headhunter will save you money on hiring the wrong candidate.

Tech Recruiting – The Challenge

IT is one market that is growing rapidly. That is why technical recruitment is becoming more complex. The ever-increasing complexity in the processes makes labor division essential as a result of business growth. It is essential that workers are focused on their jobs and not others when your company expands and gets more customers. The tech lead might initially be able to hire employees by himself, but as the company grows they will need to outsource these tasks to professional hiring managers.

However, technical recruiters have to face many challenges throughout the course of their careers.

Concerning mistrust surrounding working with IT recruiters.

The supply is greater that the demand

The market is currently favorable to potential employees rather than employers. This is because there is a large gap between the number available job positions and the quality of the qualified workforce. The Capgemini Report shows that over half of all organizations are concerned about the growing digital gap and lack of technical talent, particularly in soft skills.

Work closely with hiring mangers.

Although hiring managers may be team leaders or have other managerial functions, they might not be experts in recruitment and not be able to appreciate and fully understand the work of the recruiter. It is therefore essential to clearly define the skills, time frame, and technical interview questions you are looking at in the candidate.

A professional technical recruiter can cut your expenses, expedite the hiring process, as well as filling the positions with the highest quality candidates. But what is it that makes a technical recruitment specialist the best and what skills should they have.
What does it take to become a technical recruiter

Technical recruiters work as Human Resource specialists who are responsible for finding and hiring the right candidates in the IT sector. Examples include software engineering, UI/UX design and project managers. Technical recruiters search for candidates, make job offers, conduct interviews, then choose the best candidates to fill technical positions.

Technical Recruiter Position Description

What is the difference between a technical recruiter or a recruiter? The duties of technical recruiters have been discussed. But what about the specific job description of an IT recruiter? What do technical recruiters do each day?

Identifying the platforms that can help you find candidates

Technical recruiters are required to have the experience to choose which platforms to use in these times of social media networks and online communities. The company’s business goals and job description as well as the budget can determine which sources they use to search for candidates. In addition to that, they must be alert for trends and look for new ways to grow their candidate pool.

Creating job descriptions

It is a crucial step in the hiring process to create a detailed job description. It must be clear and concise and should include an overview of the candidate’s current and future roles and responsibilities. Technical recruiters must have sufficient knowledge to be able understand the tech stacks that candidates will be using.


Technical interviews are another job that technical recruiters have to prepare. Technical recruiters must know the differences between technical interview questions for software engineers and questions for UI/UX designers. The best way to know which technical interview questions you should ask is through experience and learning from training. IT recruiters must not only launch and execute the technical interview process but also prepare pertinent questions to assess soft skills such as creativity, willingness and ability to work with others.

Know your tech stack

Tech recruiters don’t require a traditional degree, but you will still need to learn the technology stack. Tech recruiters are paid an averagely higher salary than general recruiters. This is due in part to their ability to comprehend complex technological information. Knowing the difference between frontend/backend, Ruby and its uses, as well the latest frameworks, libraries, and languages is essential. Keep learning and be open to new ideas. Each day new frameworks and technologies are created. Stay current with technology trends. While you don’t need to be proficient in coding, it is vital that you are familiar with the differences between C++/Python, JavaScript, and which technologies are most popular for technical recruitment.

Sign up for GitHub

It is also a great idea, to join GitHub. Not only can you share your code and expertise but also funny and bizarre stories about the recruitment process. You can use these stories to help pinpoint the frustrations experienced by coders when interacting with recruiters.

Make an effort to be different

As tech specialists, no one receives as many job offers by random IT technical recruiters. Even recent graduates and new professionals are subject to constant email and message bombardment via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. For seasoned programmers, there are many job offers every week. Standing out is key if you want to avoid getting lost in their spam and being disregarded as another generic job offer. Keep your emails as personal and avoid sending generic messages. Before offering anything to a candidate, be sure to fully assess their experience and interests. Coders are often frustrated by technical recruiters for not being able to offer them relevant positions.

How to Find a Technical Recruiter: Both in-house and through a Recruitment Agency

Where is the best place to find technical recruiters. You can either hire an employee in your company or make them a member of your staff. Or, you could hire an in-house employee or look for workers on job boards. Which are the best options?

In-house Recruiter VS Recruitment Agency VS Recruitment Platform

Employing an IT technical recruiter within the company is a great way to reap the many benefits. An in-house employee becomes part of your team, and is committed to the company’s success. They are more determined and motivated to find the best employees for the position, and it helps the company achieve its goals. In-house employment has one major drawback. You will need to pay for the worker’s office space, equipment or benefits.

Instead of hiring a technical recruiter in-house, you could use the services and support of a recruiting agency. They typically have sufficient resources to help you find the technical workers that you need. Tech recruiting firms work fast to find technical talent. They are knowledgeable about technical requirements, current trends, salaries, as well as have access to the most comprehensive databases, such LinkedIn premium. The main problem with technical recruitment companies is the price – they may charge 25% to 25% for every successful placement.