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What is Vehicle Tracking?

The systems for tracking vehicles, like their name suggests, permit tracking of vehicles for its primary function. Other features include tracking vehicle performance and maintenance, as well as the driver’s performances, and also assists with dispatching and management of fuel as well as sending alerts and notifications as well as prevents thefts. It also provides reports that allow the analysis of the reports. Additional functions are also feasible, but it is dependent on the provider of solutions for managing fleets.

Active and Passive Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems are classified into active and passive. Systems that are passive trackers keep track of and save all data, which can be later used to retrieve the information. Active tracking systems gather and transmit data in time-of-use, offering additional benefits. Some tracking systems can use both active and passive tracking.

The benefits of vehicle tracking

What advantages will the integration of vehicle tracking in fleet management? What are the benefits and the reasons why a tracking system be employed? One of the advantages of using a the vehicle tracking system, we could discover savings on costs and insurance discount and better security for fleet and employees, better customer service, better employee and time management and administration, as well as theft prevention.

Cost Saving

Vehicle tracking systems can provide the benefit of better financial management. This is due to the data on consumption of fuel along with better control of the fuel getting rid of any undesirable behavior from drivers like speeding, and better control of idle and maintenance time.

Discounts on Insurance

Cost savings and cost reduction is further enhanced by the discounts offered by insurance companies. They typically offer discounts to businesses that utilize a vehicle tracking system for their fleet management since it provides more data on the fleet and increases safety for employees as well as the fleet.

Security of Drivers and trucks

With the help of vehicle tracking systems, they can decrease accidents on the roads, and avoid issues that arise, such as congestion and traffic on roads. Fleet management also benefits from the feature to prevent theft.

Improved Service for Customers

The data gathered by the vehicle tracking system could help in better managing every business process. This also means improved customer service because it’s possible to track the route, the stops idle time, and the possible arrival time.

Management of Employees

A vehicle tracking system could provide an advantage in employee management through details on fuel management as well as monitoring of driving behaviour. With these functions, it’s possible to observe the difference between employees who perform better and those who don’t. In addition, it is possible to utilize all the knowledge gained for more effective training for drivers.

Improved Administration

Administration is made simpler by vehicles tracking system. The time you save on administration can be put to use on procedures that require greater attention , and thus can result in a more efficient company.

Time Management

The improvement in administration can lead to more efficient time management. However, time management could be improved by improved management of employees and fuel management, as well as monitoring of driver’s behavior as well as tracking routes. But in addition, thanks to reports and the resulting analysis.

Theft Prevention

The most popular feature of S5 Plus Trackers is the prevention of theft. This feature provides notifications and alerts in the event of suspicious behavior and permits quick response to any suspicious behavior. This feature also helps to save you money on a new vehicles.

Improved Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is vital for efficient management of fleets. Through tracking systems can improve the management of lifecycles – using information like technical details regarding the vehicle (engine, tyres , and so on) and behavior of drivers and details on timing of the idle period, maintenance and the service required.

Vehicle Utilization

Based on the vast amount of information collected from tracking systems for vehicles the vehicles can be utilized more efficiently . This is due to an efficient usage of fuel, more efficient drivers’ behaviours, better routes used, the potential to avoid construction and traffic and also fraud prevention could improve the utilization of vehicles.

There are numerous advantages when using a vehicles tracking systems in management of fleets. To get the most of the vehicles tracking systems, extensive research of different options is necessary to make sure you choose a low-cost option.