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The History of Tankoa

Tankoa Yachts S.p.A., is an Italian manufacturer of aluminum and steel megayachts that range from 45 meters up to 100 meters. Tankoa usually starts vessels on speculation, but it can build custom-built commissions. Tankoa is an shipyard in Genoa, a traditional port for shipbuilding in Genoa.

The story of Tankoa

Established in 2007 with industrialist Guido Orsi with former members of the Baglietto Yacht’s management group and industry veteran Michel Karsenti and Renzo Chelazzi as directors. Tankoa started operations in the year 2008. The company was able to build two yachts that were over 65 meters in length, however the financial crisis of 2008 caused the company to go into slow mode. When the economic picture improved in 2013, Tankoa had revised the initial concepts and design. The company launched its first yacht the 69-meter Suerte in the year 2015 at the Monaco Yacht Show. In the years following, Tankoa has constructed larger vessels. Vincent Poerio, formerly an executive at Benetti and Tankoa’s chief executive in February of 2020. On January 20, 2021 Tankoa started the administration procedure of purchasing the 76-year old Cantieri pisa naval yard.

Noteworthy Tankoa Awards

Tankoa debuts with 69.40 meters Suerte. The yacht was chartered for a period of four months by a single customer during this summer following which the charter customer took the boat from the owner of the build. Suerte was created by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini with six staterooms, a touch-and go helipad , and three garages that are tender. Suerte has been a finalist in the award for naval architecture at the 2016 ShowBoats Design Awards.

A 50-meter sub-500GT yacht called Vertige was launched in May 2017 and was to become the foundation of the yard’s acclaimed 50-metre series made of all-aluminium. The following yachts from the series were launched under the names of Bintador and Olokun and all sporting exterior designs created by Francesco Paszkowski. Olokun is striking with its striking silver and black color scheme, has a custom interior design from Casa Dio Miami | London. In the autumn of 2020 they announced the purchase of their fourth vessel in the series, and also said that the fifth hull was scheduled for 2022 completion. Hull #2 of this series Bintador was the first yard’s hull hybrid diesel-electric power. It was also awarded a World Superyacht Award for Best Displacement Motor Yachts below 499GT 40M and up.

In August of 2018, the yard launched 72-metre Solo the displacement motor yacht of 1,600GT developed by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini. Solo is the very first vessel delivered that met Tier III NOx emissions standards using selective catalytic reduction technology. Solo is also fitted with an automated CO2 monitor that allows the captain to continuously determine the optimal speed in terms speed to reduce emissions to a minimum. The boat is equipped with an owner’s deck that includes VIP cabin as well as four guest cabins located on the upper deck. Solo was recognized in the 2019 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards with the Game Changer Award. This award recognizes a technology, process or product that enhances the build and design sophistication or user-friendliness and enjoyment for the owner of a vessel. Solo was also the 2019. World Superyacht Award finalist for Displacement Motor Yachts that range with a range of 500GT to 1,999GT.