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What is a Roof Top Tent?

The people of the past have been sleeping in tents for a long time with the earliest shelters that date back to 40, 000 BC. Roof top tents haven’t hung in use for that long, but they came into existence in the late 20th century. While they’ve been in use for more than half a century, a lot of people have never even seen one in use and even have slept in one on a camping trip. Here are seven reasons why you should think about the roof-top tent to take on your next camping trip.

What is a Roof Top Tent?

Roof top tents are an adjustable tent that can be attached onto the top of your vehicle or truck. It’s a fully-integrated device that folds down into a container made of hard shell. When it’s fully packed and you’re driving it adds only an inch or two of height to the vehicle However, when it’s unpacked and ready for use, it can be expanded into the size of a complete tent. A sturdy flat surface is included in the bag, as is the ladder, and once the tent is opened up, it’s all set to go.
Roof top tents have many advantages over traditional tents.

1. Easy and Quick to Set-Up and Remove

There’s no need to worry about stakes for your tent or running fly lines or any other equipment required for the majority of tents. The container is opened, you can unfold the tent, and you’re ready to go. Certain models, such as the Maggiolina series by Autohome can be opened with the lifting of the lid straight upwards to create walls that are in line with the sides that surround the containers. Other models, such as models from the Air Camping series, open to reveal a traditional tent form. The process of packing the tent is equally easy. There is no need to fret about gathering stakes, ropes, or other equipment. Also, you don’t have to fold it in a specific way or fold it up so that it fits into a bag for packing. It folds down inside the container, so it’s prepared to be put back together in the following night or next time you go out for a camping trip.

2. Beware of Animals and Critters

The car-top tent lifts your feet off the ground and you won’t have to worry regarding animals, or any other animals visiting you in the evening. The tent is accessible via an incline ladder that can be folded in the evening if you wish to ensure that you’re safe from prying eyes.

3. You’ll feel more comfortable and Safe

Car tents are more comfortable traditional tents in many ways:
* You’re not likely to be laying in a watery pool when it rains.
* You’ll experience more air circulation as air can move through the tent, in addition to around it and around it.
* Roof Top Tent can be used to provide an area covered for cooking or any other activity beneath it.
It’s also more secure because your tent isn’t on the ground. It’s not necessary to worry about someone falling over a fly line , or throwing a stake out of the tent while walking in the darkness. This will give you more freedom in deciding where to camp, too.

4. A Continually Flat Sleeping Surface

Another aspect making roof tents more comfortable, and easy to install includes the base built into. The base made of metal provides an even, solid sleeping area so that you don’t have to be concerned about branches, rocks or any other debris that might fall on your mattress while you rest. It also lets you avoid areas where water could accumulate if it begins to rain at night.

5. The mattress is built-in

Roof top tents come with an inbuilt mattress that remains in place as you take it down. There is no need to fret about the process of inflating an sleeping pad or air mattress and it won’t occupy the space of your vehicle. The mattress built into the vehicle is more comfortable than other camping mattresses, and especially the sleeping pads made of plastic that most people utilize.

6. Better View

Being elevated provides you with an unbeatable view of the surroundings. If you’re camping and you’re able to view more of the landscape around you and if you’re at an area with an outstanding views, you can park your car in order to have the most optimal view. This can be helpful when you’re at a location with a lot of tents amidst the outdoor stage, for instance. If you’re camping on the ground level, you’ll glimpse the tents around you, however when you’re elevated you’ll look over the top of the entire area.

7. Easy to Maintain Clean

The fact that your tent is off the ground means that there’s no need to be concerned about animal droppings, or any other thing creating a mess. There’s no need for the use of a groundsheet, nor do you have to set up the tent when you return back home to do a thorough clean. Even if your tent gets wet, it’s not difficult to pull it open to dry it out as the weather warms up.